Is A Good Website Worth Paying For?

The internet is now the first port of call for most of us when it comes to researching products and services. Smartphones and tablets have given us the freedom to go online no matter where we happen to be, so it’s become more important than ever for every business, no matter how small, to have an active web presence.

Is A Good Website Worth Paying For?

Free Websites

There are plenty of DIY website builders to choose from, but they all offer a similar service. You look through a selection of templates until you find something that suits your business model, and then you adapt it by replacing images and text with your own photographs and content.

These sites all promise that you can build a functioning site within a few hours, and to a certain extent this is true, but it’s probably more sensible to allow yourself several evenings to really get to grips with the website interface.

It’s perfectly possible to create a decent-looking site using one of these services, but there are a few disadvantages to going it alone. As the Search Engine Journal points out, a free DIY site looks like a free DIY site. Be prepared for visitors to make a judgement about your products and services based on that information, although it is possible to upgrade your site by paying a fee to remove advertising – at which point the service is no longer free, of course.

Professional Websites

Paying for a professional web design service doesn’t have to cost a fortune. An increasing number of web design agencies, like Hemel Hempstead web design agency 24-7, offer a budget solution for small businesses. You pay a monthly sum which allows you to take advantage of a bespoke website along with web hosting and email addresses. 24-7 Hemel Hempstead web design offers a range of packages starting at just £10 per month, which is achievable for even the tightest budget.

Web Page Mistakes suggests browsing through some of the templates on offer from the free sites to use as starting points for discussion with your web designer, which helps to get the ball rolling.

A professional site creates a great first impression, which is so important in the online world. You can also easily adapt and expand it as your business grows.

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