Is Less Really More? Subtlety In Make-up

Less is more. It’s the age old saying, which gets applied to everything from perfume to nail art. But what does it really mean? Surely, if less were more, then none would be even better. Maybe it’s time to examine this idea more closely.

Is Less Really More? Subtlety In Make-up

Too Many of the Wrong Products

Western women use a huge number of products everyday. From face-wash to creams, foundation, shadow, and powders, it all adds up. While the cost alone is enough to make you break out in a sweat, the amount of product could be literally making you do so, and that’s not good for your skin.

Not only that, but every product is a combination of chemicals that could be well balanced on their own, but react to the residue or contact with the many other products you’re using. Some of those products, like the hormones found in lipsticks, are known to be harmful. It’s the interactions, however, which should really scare us.

Let Your Skin Breath

We’re certainly not anti makeup, far from it. Consumers should always be aware of what they are putting onto, and by default, into their skin. Choosing make-up from the same brand is one way to go and also making sure you have good materials, such as the Desire Duo collection make up brushes, is another. Making sure brushes are fresh and clean will keep bacteria and excess powder off your skin. Check out Desire Duo collection make up brushes for more tips and advice.

Natural is so Last Year!

After you’ve taken care of product interaction and hygiene, it’s time to decide how much makeup you really want to wear. While Kim Kardashian came under criticism for her product heavy natural look recently, it can’t be denied that the natural look just isn’t in right now. However, there is still a right way and a wrong was to layer makeup on and guess what – the end look is still less, not more.

This year’s look is all about making your own natural look appear a little more polished. This might mean avoiding garish colours in the daytime and accentuating eyes and cheekbones instead, or it could mean a swipe of red lipstick and no contouring. Finding the perfect balance is up to you!

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