Is My Workplace Being Used At Weekend?

Am I going mad?
A man called into the office as he was sure that someone was using his workplace at weekends when he was not there. The client said he owned a studio in the middle of nowhere and it was really only himself and his business partner that used it. There were some other family members and friends that might occasionally use it but they would ask and they didn’t have a key. Our client was quite sure that the space, equipment and some stock was being used at weekends. The kiln was sometimes warm on a Monday morning even though it had not been used all week.

Private Detective to the rescue
We decided to pay a visit to our client to see for ourselves what was going on. When we arrived our client was in the middle of a big experiment. He explained that he used the space for art work and other experiments. Somewhere pieces people had commissioned him to do and others where for his own enjoyment. There was no set routine to his work and he pretty much did the hours he wanted to but was very rarely there at weekends. Weekends he liked to spend with his family.

Can the caretaker help?
The building had a caretaker who would keep the heating oil topped up and light bulbs changed and general maintenance but he was never there at weekends either. We decided that the best option would be to fit covert cameras in the studio so it would show who was coming and going. The solution would not be a quick one as we would need to wait until the people visited at a weekend and it was not every weekend that this happened.

Not what I was expecting
The caretaker had agreed that he would not go anywhere near the studio at the weekends as we didn’t want the visitors to be disturbed. We wanted to see exactly what they were doing there. They seemed to visit once a month but before Christmas it was every week for three weeks or so it seemed. We were still not sure what they were doing there but our client felt it must be creative because the kiln was used. After four week s we were able to look at the video and see what was going on. The studio was being used by our client’s business partner. This was quite odd because our client had asked him if he was using the studio and he said he was not.

The Outcome
The real reason our client s partner did not admit to going to the studio is because he was taking his lover there and creating artwork with her for their new business and then selling the designs but not giving any of the profits to our client  who should be given at least half the profits. So he was having an affair and ripping off our client. The footage was shown to our client’s partner’s wife and she filed for divorce and our client was given some compensation from his business partner.

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