Is Online Dating Safe?

Online dating has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with more and more people using it as a way to meet new people. It is often disputed that online dating is a very dangerous way to meet people, however if you do it properly and follow the guidelines which are in place, then online dating can be a brilliant way to meet new people.

Stay Anonymous

Before you first go online or set up any online dating accounts, you should think about whether you really want a load of strangers on the internet knowing all your personal details? If you don’t particular want people knowing too much about you, you should decide to set up an anonymous account. For your online dating profile, you should avoid putting in your real name; you should either use a nick name of yours or create a new one. This is only to protect your personal privacy.

If you have to connect any email accounts to your online dating accounts, then you may want to consider creating a new anonymous email account. Sign up to Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail to get your new email account.

Take Your Time

Once you have joined the online dating agency, you should always take your time. At first you should just treat all your conversations as a bit of fun. Don’t rush into anything with any of the people that you are speaking to online, there are plenty more people to speak to and the longer the people hang around to speak to you, the more credible they are.

Get a Number

If there is someone that you have been speaking to now for quite a while, it may be time to move to the next step and get their phone number. If they do give you their phone number, you should still be weary of the person. Just because they have shared further details with you, it does not mean that they can be trusted or they are who they say they are.

Take a Little More Time

The more time you take after you first speak to them on the introduction agency, the better you will get to know the person. At this point now you should have seen a variety of photos of your online dating friend and would have had many different conversations. This will give you the chance to see if he has been keeping to the truth the whole time.

There are many people that will advise you to stay away from using internet dating agencies, as they will tell you how unsafe they are. However, there many other people that have met trusted loved ones. Here are some people sharing there successful online dating experiences.

Once you have followed these steps, it is now time to meet your date. You should plan to meet your date in a public place which you know well. You should also let some of your friends/family know what you are doing and where you are meeting. You should ask one of you friends or family to phone up several times or be on standby to check that you are ok.

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