Is SMTP Relay A Cost-Effective Solution For Email Deliverability?

Cost-Effective Solution

As you sit and once again look over the useless information that your in-house email servers are providing, you begin to think that there has to be a better way. Fortunately for you, there is! With the latest advancements in cloud technology, many companies are finding that they can save a ton of money and get all of the features that they need, providing for the perfect package in email tracking services.

When business owners begin looking toward the newer servers, they are often concerned that their costs will be higher to send unlimited emails. The fact is that you can get cheap smtp relay service while providing your business with all of the customization and tracking ability that you could possibly need.

How to Understand Which Relay Service Will Work Best for Your Needs

When you are making the decision to change to the latest smtp relay technology, you want to make sure that you first understand the needs that your company has. There are so many different features to choose from in these types of plans, so you need to have some facts to choose wisely. If you are having trouble making a decision, this information should give you ample knowledge to assist you.


Many smtp servers offer free basic services to their customers. These services do not feature the more useful higher-end features, but they do contain the basics that are needed to track emails efficiently. Many people try the free service out first and then later decide that they need more features and want to begin a fee service.


This next step up in the versions is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of smtp relay services. This version offers you more email credits so that you can have larger campaigns. The price is normally around $.10 per email for up to 1,000 emails per month.


For those who send out more emails, the bronze level is often a better choice. It offers a credit of 40,000 emails a month. With a price tag of $9.95 a month, it is a good choice for getting the tracking and delivery options that you need.


The silver version offers the most features for the money and is always the most popular choice among the different versions. It retails for $79.95 a month and offers every feature that the server company has available.


The gold version offers 300,000 email credits a month for a price of $199.95. With the same features as silver, this is a better choice for those companies who need a greater amount of email credits


The platinum service offers 700,000 emails a month at $399.95. In this version, all of the features are available with an added benefit of more emails sent out per month.

This information should empower business owners to make an informed choice on their smtp relay service needs. As more and more companies benefit from these servers, the rest need to get on board and help themselves achieve better email tracking.

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