Is social shopping the future of retail?

High street shopping is heading in the direction of a social, digital experience. With the use of computers, tablets and mobile phones becoming essential in developed economies, the retail game is changing.

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Customers expect their experiences to be first class

Customers are expecting more, but they still want the same first-class experience regardless of how they shop, and retailers are obliged to deliver. Shopping should not be thought of as purely transactional; instead, it is an experience and a social activity.

Online retailers will still grow and dominate the market, but these experiences are mere transactions carried out by pressing a few buttons.

The future of high street shopping will be all about social interaction, building communities and seeking a vision for moving forward. Outdated stores that offer only a basic experience for customers won’t survive in the competitive world.

With the advent of social media and millions of consumers who are constantly online, retailers know they must deliver what they promise and more. The brand and that all-important reputation are on display for everyone, everywhere to see.

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Failure to work within this evolving environment can prove costly as customers’ feedback on their encounters with staff and their overall shopping experience, positive or negative, will immediately reach people online within seconds.

Steady growth in social commerce is forecast

According to Essential Retail, Instagram has added a shopping tab to its Explore page, and it’s allowing retailers to tag products in Stories. It’s one of the forward-thinking brands. However, in the past, Twitter introduced and then abandoned its Buy button, while Facebook has tried to make e-commerce work on its network.

Nevertheless, a steady growth in social commerce is forecast, and that means there is more demand for parcel services such as same day courier Birmingham. Firms like can provide a quality and reliable service for demanding consumers.

Power lies in social media, and companies should be encouraged to use that power to their advantage. Brands that understand and make the effort to engage with their customers via various channels will reap the most rewards.

Some brands combine their regular use of social media with apps and register-free transactions. It’s all about thinking of ways to further engage the customer to offer them more in an exciting and unusual way.


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