Is Your Bathroom The Best Room In Your House?

Most homeowners have a room in their property which they especially like and tend to show off to visitors. In some cases this is the living room or the kitchen but what about making it the bathroom instead?

The advantages of having a truly outstanding bathroom are fairly obvious. This is a room where most of your visitors will end up at some point but it is also a room you will want to relax in sometimes. If your current bathroom is somewhere you neither want to show off nor spend a lot of time in then the following ideas might help you out.

Make It Interesting
A bathroom doesn’t need to be boring. Sure, it has to have all of the basic things like a toilet which aren’t all that interesting to be honest, but you can add in other features to draw people’s attention. For example, an elegant shower cabin can be a great addition to any bathroom. Another smart idea is the addition of modern bathroom mirrors. You might think that a mirror wouldn’t really add much to your bathroom but the ones from the likes of Pebble Grey could definitely enhance it. These come in exciting styles such as ones with illuminated frames and infinity mirrors with light that seem to stretch on forever. Don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun and adding some interesting touches like this to your bathroom if you like the look of them.

Add Some Colour
Getting the colour in your bathroom just right can be a bit of a difficult balancing act. The days of brightly coloured bathroom suites are now pretty much over but if you go for an all white look then it could appear too stark and cold. You might want to check out some home design magazines to get ideas for the kind of colour scheme which could work in your home. Once you have done this it is best to live with the new colours for a while before you start thinking about making other changes to the room.

Make It Fun
A few fun items here and there can work to brighten up any bathroom. This might be a brightly coloured towel, an amusing photo or something else which takes your fancy. As long as you don’t go overboard there is a lot to be said for adding some fun to your bathroom. After all, it is a room you will want to feel at ease in and which you will want your guests to enjoy as well.

John Asher is a blogger who specialise in bathroom design and interior design

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