Italian Food: What’s Not To Love?

Italy is a passionate nation, and not just about football and fashion. Food plays a central role in the daily lives of Italian families. Italian food – delicious pizzas, fresh pastas, top-quality meats, famous desserts, superb wines and cheeses and, of course, amazing ice creams and coffee – is a diner’s delight! There is nothing quite like a trip to Italy to experience the passion that goes into its food; however, you don’t have to visit this beautiful country to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine.

Italian Food: What’s Not To Love?

World cuisine: There are 20 different food regions in Italy and every region has its own distinct variations of traditional dishes. You will find authentic Italian restaurants serving up the best of these regional delights in almost every city around the world.

Cafe culture has become synonymous with living in modern day towns and cities, of course, and a small espresso or frothy cappuccino accompanied by a tempting tiramisu is a real treat on your break from shopping wherever you are.

Italy produces some of the best wines in the world. The exquisite sangiovese varietal from Tuscany creates the rich fruity chiantis that are famous around the world. No Italian meal would be complete without a great wine to accompany and complement the sumptuous food.

Italy has the range of cheeses covered, from the soft mozzarella from Campania to the hard salty pecorino romano from Sardinia. Also popular in Italy are cured meats such as prosciuttos and smoky salamis. Italian ice cream is famous all over the world. The reason is plain and simple: the Italians make the best ice cream! Italian restaurants in Dublin and many other locations are serving up these delicacies right now.

Dublin dining: Dublin city centre is a constant hub of activity. With its many historical attractions, theatres, music venues, great pubs, a plethora of great restaurants and cafes and vibrant nightlife, this cosmopolitan city has much to offer. Regularly topping the favoured dining out destinations, Italian restaurants in Dublin are more popular than ever. Irish people love Italian food.

Italian restaurants are serving up authentic, traditional cuisine of the highest quality for the ultimate in Italian dining. Using seasonal organic produce from their own gardens in the delicious dishes served to their happy customers, diners in Dublin benefit from the best of both worlds.

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