Jan Kees, Dutch Finance Minister Promises Budget Cut To Handle Crisis at Euro Zone

Dutch economy is going to face a tough time very soon, at least Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the labor MP of the country reported so. However, as soon as the news was published, The Prime Minister of the country also agreed with this and suggested that almost $21 billion, (16 billion euros) budget cut is required to overcome crisis at Euro Zone. The new finance Minister Mr. Jan Kees considered the report and finally promises the budget cut to overcome the recent crisis.

Netherland that holds an important position in Dutch economy is mostly facing the crisis in comparison with other Dutch countries. According to the report of the finance department, the credit rating of the country is still triple A. With this credit rate, Netherlands will stand as a potential ally for Germany. As a result, Germany will deny more financial aids to the Dutch countries, especially the members of Euro Zone that still are struggling with high rate of debts.

Perhaps, following this condition the PM initially agreed for budget cut, as there is no other option to maintain stability in the Euro zone. He commented that both the labor department and the finance department together would implement the tight budget policy. He also suggested that the policy would be a bit tough but if all Netherlands residents sacrifice a little bit, it won’t be impossible.

However, at this time of crisis, coalition between the two ministers, Dijsselbloem and Rutte can prove harmful for the overall growth of the country and the country people are expecting the incoming finance minister to do something to control the scenario.

Everybody regards the new minister to be a straight talker who can easily decide what to do to ruffle feathers to negotiate with EU budget. Being a person of economy, he decided to discuss about the issue with both the ministry and will then think what to do.

This new leader has already drawn attention of the young generation in Netherlands by giving a brief review of the education policy of the country. At the same time, he spoke against the education policy that is being followed by the leader’s own party. He commented that the policies, which the party is following over decades, is not up to the mark and needs a change right now.

This daring speech perhaps has influenced the new generation to think that the new minister can easily solve the prevailing problem.

The Dean of Amsterdam School for Finance, Mr. Dirk Schoenmaker talked against finance minister and said that he doesn’t think that budget cut is required to bring change in Euro crisis situation.

Well, ignoring this comment by the finance experts, different other personalities and leaders are talking on behalf of the minister. Some are of the opinion that being a strict personality Kees will do what he thinks is good for the country and most of the parliamentary members agree with his view.

Others are suggesting that he should more critically handle the ministers in the labor department to stop them creating chaos during the implementation of budget cut policy.

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