Jobs In Food Science

College can take you a lot of places in life, especially if you finish with a useful degree. That being said which degrees are more useful than others? It’s a tough question but doing a little research can go a long way. We have looked at jobs related to degrees in nutrition, biology and agriculture, now let’s look at jobs with a degree in food science and nutrition.

There are a wide range of jobs available in this degree field. If you love to cook you could become a pastry chef. If you like the craft of brewing you could become a brewery supervisor or if you are more interested in health you can work as a dietician. Let’s take a closer look at some of these roles.

Brewery Supervisor
A brewery supervisor manages the workers at a malt liquor brewery.  Your duties would include planning worker schedules, monitoring safety guidelines and verifying quality control. Employers usually hire employees with prior brewery experience or with an undergraduate degree in business management. Others might accept employees with food science degrees with a minor in business. Most positions will work eight-to-ten hour shifts that often include weekends and nights.

Dietetic Technician
These professionals work under the direct supervision of registered dietitians to perform food services. Your duties would range from reviewing nutrition information with clients to compiling nutrition data reports.  Your schools program should also be approved by the American Dietetic Association. You will also need to pass the national dietetic examination in order to be registered to work with clients, registered dietitians or food managers.  You can find work in places that range from prisons to schools to restaurants.

Food/Beverage Controller
Food and beverage controllers measure the routine purchasing of food related products for businesses.  One common responsibility is to compare purchases with food and beverage managers, executive hotel chefs and financial controllers. You may also enter computer data, produce monthly reports and prepare monthly food reports.  Often you may need a minor in hospitality or restaurant management.  Some employers might accept an associate’s degree in this field but generally a bachelor’s degree is required.

Pastry Chef
In what could be considered a dream job you would work in a bakery producing pastries that could range from birthdays cakes to brownies to giant gourmet cookies among other things. Of course it isn’t all fun and games as you would be in charge cleaning the kitchen, ordering supplies and ingredients and meeting with clients to plan out menus. You could work in a wide range of places from owning your own shop to hotels or resorts.

A career as a pastry chef can open up a lot of interesting careers. Check with an university online for available classes.

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