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Going off to college is a big step in life. Deciding on a major is a tough thing for an eighteen year old to do. It can be overwhelming even for a twenty one year old. What kind of work will you do afterwards? Doing some research now can help in advance. We have looked at jobs with degrees in chemistry, biology and astronomy, now let’s take a look at the fascinating world of geology.

The earth is an awfully big rock and there is plenty to explore.  Geology, simply put, is the study of the earth and its history. One advantage of geology is that there are plenty of specializations to choose from. One person might study volcanoes while another might work on saving the environment.  Here are some possibilities.

No not Vulcan like Star Trek, we said volcanologist as in volcanoes, either active, dead or dormant. Their ultimate goal is to understand how and why volcanoes erupt. One of the chief goals of this is to be able to predict eruptions in order to warn the public in time so they get somewhere safe.  Good preparatory classes in high school involve algebra, trigonometry and geology. College courses include advanced studies such as petrology, geophysics and geochemistry. Employment opportunities include jobs at universities, government agencies and private research institutions.

A paleontologist studies fossils to learn about the Earth’s history.  By studying fossils we can help determine what the earth was like at the times those animals lived. A paleontologist is able to take information learned from fossils and reconstruct past climates.  As a paleontologist you would also be in charge of excavating, preserving and cataloging fossils while reconstructing animals and plants from millions of years ago. A high school student interested in this field should load up on science and mathematics. They should also view fossil displays. A college student would do well to at the very least minor in biology if not double major. You would most likely work for a college or university however museums and oil companies may also employ you.

A hydrologist is concerned with water quality and water supply. They also study issues of drought, floods and the effects of overpopulation on local water supplies. They are mostly focuses on water used for swimming, drinking, irrigations and industrial use.  Students in this field should study meteorology, geology and fluid mechanics. Most jobs would come from the government, universities or private research firms.

While it is not for everyone a degree in geology can open up many interesting jobs. . Check with universities online for available classes.

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