Jobs In Public Health

Attaining a college degree can be a great way to advance your potential in the job market. That being said you need to decide what job market to get into. How do you know there will be good jobs available when you graduate? Doing some career research can help you in advance.  We have looked at jobs in psychology and kinesiology; now let’s look at jobs with a degree with a master’s in public health.

With the Baby Boomer population getting older every day the public health care sector is seeing continuous growth. A bachelor’s or masters in public health care can open up a door to many different career options.  Public health is also a good field for people who want to help improve people’s lives without going to medical school. Many find it to be a very rewarding field to work in. Here are some options.

Health Administration
This is a common field for this degree and it focuses on the planning, organizing, directing and coordinating of health services including education or policy. Typical employers include clinics, hospitals, managed care organizers, nursing homes and public health agencies. Health care is in a constant state of change and flux and the need for skilled professionals with strong leadership and up-to-date knowledge is in high demand. Generally a master’s is required for these positions.

Health Education
Somebody taught you this stuff so why not give back? Health education gives you a chance to provide instruction and education in various settings throughout the health care industry. Working with community groups and health specialists, health educators determine the availability of health services, participate in grant writing and prepare educational curriculum. You can also work in a hospital setting and specialize in patient health education or teach health care professionals directly. These positions play a vital role in keeping the community informed and up to day with services and programs available. Like the health administration, it is a career that calls for constant interaction. That being said it does focus more on instruction as opposed to management.

Epidemiology study diseases, their causes in a specific population and work to come up with prevention plans.  They are needed in the health care industry to help study these problems and work to prevent their spread by developing, designing and evaluating various forms of treatment and therapy. This specific career path involves a high amount of research. Traditional employers include the standard health agencies, international organizations, nonprofits, research facilities, educational institutions and private industries such as biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

It isn’t for everyone and it can involve a lot of hard work and discipline but there are a lot of great jobs available for those who wish to pursue this degree.   Check with a master’s degree online for available classes.

Jeff Jordan writes in lives in Southern California. He writes about a variety of topics including automobiles and colleges such as Trident University.

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