Keep Wedding Showers At Bay

If you are planning a wedding that is a little out of the box and isn’t inside for the whole day you’ll need to take the weather into account. If the wedding is in good old Blighty chances are there may be a chance of rain, wind, heck ever hail and sleet could be on the cards! Even in the middle of summer you simply don’t know what the day is going to bring so it’s best to cover all eventualities.

First of all make sure you have a few extra layers on hand in case of a downpour or pretty chilly winds. Most dress shops will have fur stoles or lace shawls you can wrap around your shoulders that won’t cover up your dress but will keep your shoulders warm, especially good if it’s a strapless dress. You can get custom made umbrellas bearing your new Mr and Mrs title or nickname that can be coloured to your theme. Pashmina’s or silk shawls are a great way of keeping warm, laying down on the grass for pictures or covering hair and make-up with if there a few spots of rain threatening to ruin the bridesmaids carefully applied products.

Plan your route so the time you spend getting to and from the venue is as limited as possible. If you can fit a hire car into your budget then do as it will give you a great start to the day making you feel like royalty and letting everyone else know it’s your wedding day. You can choose a car you’ve always wanted to ride in such as an Aston Martin or go for the traditionally decorated white wedding car.

If you’re going to be outside for a while it’s a good idea to have a marquee on stand even if you’re just waiting to get into the church or reception area. If it’s a nice day people will want to stand outside as much as possible anyway but once the sun goes down people will want to stay under cover so it might be an idea to hire a couple of patio heaters and make a seating area. If you have fireworks at the end of the evening create an area for people to sit down and bear in mind what elderly guests or children might need.
Keep umbrellas on hand at the venue just in case there is a shower and guests are caught short and an extra pair of shoes for yourself so you can go out on the grass for pictures without ruining snow white silk heels by sinking them into mud.

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