Keep Your Gat Strapped

Have you ever been driving down the road and you realize someone has a gun in their car?  Then you look to see who is driving the car and see that it is a 90 year-old lady?  She may be packing more heat than you but she should not be showing it off to the whole world.  In all her years of wisdom you would think she is smart enough to hide her heat.

After a slight look of astonishment and her smirking back, you smirk right back at her.  You are smart enough to give her that smirk back because you are smart enough to keep your gat packed exactly how it should be.  In a car gun safe that only you can open which means only you can fire your gun.  She on the other hand can have anyone reach their hands into her rolled down window and hold her at gunpoint.

Sometimes the best way to go about life is to have everything on complete stealth mode.

Get With It

Reasons to have a car gun safe are not hard to come up with either.  I mean people are making millions of dollars off of car gun safes alone so clearly enough people believe it is the best way to transport their weapons.

Here is why you should man up and buy your own car gun safe.

1)      Chicks dig it.  Many women are scared by guns and do not want to see it.  They think you should be big enough and strong enough to protect them.  You are smart though and always know there is one person out there bigger and stronger than you.  You have not ran into them yet, but they are out there.  By keeping your gun in a car gun safe, the chicks will see that you really don’t need it.  It is just to show to your boys.

2)      Because your Dad tells you not to screw around with guns.  He has always told you to keep locks on your guns because his next door neighbor ran into some trouble when he did not have a lock on his gun.  Even though you never saw your next door neighbor ever leave his house you still trust your Dad.  He is your Dad.

3)       Chicks dig it.

4)      If you ever want to get a job then you need to keep your gun under wraps.  It never is good to go to lunch with the office and offer to give rides to half of them when you have a loaded gun sitting on your dashboard.  Everyone will think you are deep in some sketchy stuff and you will be fired right on the spot.

5)      When the police officer pulls you over for a speeding ticket for going five miles per hour over because he is having a terrible day and hates everyone, what do you think he is going to do with someone who has a concealed weapons permit but is not concealing their weapon.  How doe that shiny, new $400 ticket feel?

A car gun safe is much more than a bland piece of metal and plastic that protects your goods.  It is a statement of who you are and who you plan to be.  Do not fall short and think you can get away with the move the old lady pulled.

Keep your gat strapped.

By Brian Connor

Brian Connor has written for many gun enthusiast blogs.  He also believes that a car gun safe is one of the most important investments a gun owner can make.

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