Keep Your Home Free From Mold!

Are you a long-time homeowner who has dealt with mold in your home? Are you a new homeowner looking for a way to prevent mold from growing? Do you own a home in a warm climate or have dark spaces in your home that do not have access to natural light? If you find yourself identifying with any of these categories, then you are at risk for more fungus growth than you may be able to handle unless you take specific preventative steps. Follow this mold prevention guide to help ensure that your home and your investment stays safe and healthy for your entire family. Here are a few tips to keep in mind today.

Inspect Moisture-Prone Rooms
Make sure you regularly check moisture-prone rooms throughout your house. You want to inspect rooms after a long winter’s snow has thawed and the bathrooms especially. In addition, it is good to check your basement and other dark areas for growth. Warm, dark places are ideal spots for fungus growth. And you are especially prone if you live in a warm climate.

Clean Immediately
If you see a section of growth, remove the spores using a remover that you can purchase from your local home construction supply store. Make sure you wear goggles, a face mask, and open the windows. Removers are extremely pungent and can be detrimental to you if you do not protect yourself adequately. Clean the growth areas according to the instructions on the remove, and make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning the growth areas.

Open Your Windows
When you take a shower, open the windows in your bathroom. Steam can cause fungus to grow rapidly. So make sure there is enough ventilation in your bathroom in order to prevent growth. The same is true for any other room in your home that gets a lot of steam and moisture.

Hire an Inspector
From time to time in your life, you need a professional to check out your space and to make sure it is safe to live in for the future. Call an expert who can test the levels of growth and the spores that are in your air and in your rooms. From there you can determine whether your home is in a danger zone and then work with a professional make your air healthier.

You do not want to let fungus take control of the home that you love. There are certain steps that you can take right now that will help prevent growth throughout your home. When you live in a tropical climate or a climate that is mostly warm throughout the year or when you live in a home that gets a lot of moisture, then you should be concerned about fungus growth. Stay on top of this growth by cleaning regularly, identifying spots of moisture, and getting your home checked at least once a year, for extreme cases. With a little diligence, you will be able to keep your house fresh and healthy for your entire family.

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