Keep Your Mind And Body Active

To enjoy a healthy body and an active mind exercise is the key. Exercise for the body is common knowledge and a good number of exercises for the mind are available. Puzzles and strategy based games like crossword puzzles and Sudoku have been proven to be beneficial in keeping the mind alert. Engaging in activities is always beneficial for the mind and keeps it alert. Crosswords are puzzles with letters to form words from the clues given and fit them in a grid. Sudoku is another mind game with numerals that need to be fit in a grid of squares.

Healthy Addiction
These kinds of mental games are highly addictive and they are the best way to hone your logical thinking and problem solving skills. For example, in Sudoku, the rules are simple, fit in the numerals from 1 to 9 in the grid without repeating it in a row or column. Even though it sounds simple, it involves a lot of logical thinking to get a puzzle completed. Once you get a hang of the game and work out your strategy to solve it, it can get addictive. This is the reason for the popularity of the game and it is now published in almost all the newspapers around the world and is also a very popular online game apart from the different software’s of the game available for use on computers and laptops.

Sharp mind improved concentration
An idle mind is definitely a devil’s workshop. Half your problems are a result of your thoughts and the solution is to engage your mind in some kind of creative activity or the other. Many people are under the impression that puzzles and games that require mental ability is more of a test on intelligence. It is not always the case; it is more of logical reasoning and the concentration of the mind to find a solution. This is very effectively achieved with practice and the trick to solve the games can be easily learnt. Such type of games is best suitable for all age groups and different challenging levels are available to suit different peoples requirements. Children can practice the game to improve their concentration and logical thinking, while geriatrics can use it to keep their mind engaged and is a good memory building exercise. It has proven to be very useful in developing a number of mental skills in different ways. Sudoku is a captivating game of the mind, enjoyed by many more as a game, and the benefits of Sudoku on the mind is mind boggling.

Jack Johnson is a sudoku enthusiast who loves playing and creating complex sudoku games.

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