Keeping Hold Of Your Privacy Online

Online privacy is more and more difficult these days with so many people hacking and attacking personal accounts to retrieve personal data. Often sold on to advertising companies and other businesses seeking to extend their mailing lists, the fraud and pure invasion of privacy online has resorted in multiple methods and products designed to help protect online users and their very personal data. Prywatno w sieci in Polish means privacy on the web in English and as much as it is a problem towards Eastern Europe it’s very much a problem for the rest of the globe too.

Prywatno w internecie ( privacy on the Internet ) is something wanted by all online users but not everyone knows the simple steps which can be taken in order to help protect sensitive data against cyber attacks.

Keep Your Mother Guessing

Passwords can be an annoying word or sequence which you forget on a consistent basis when trying to access your accounts online. As much as this can infuriate some people it’s actually a really good idea to have a password you won’t necessarily be able to remember, as long as it’s written down somewhere safe of course.

The best kind of passwords for your personal accounts is those which include a mixture of characters including both small and upper case letters, numbers and special characters like ! and #. Combining all these different elements make it much more difficult for hackers to get into the system. It may not be completely impenetrable, but it will certainly take attackers a lot longer to get through security.

An even better idea is to keep changing your password on a regular basis too.

Keep Your Wifi Private

Just like with passwords on your accounts on various websites, keep your Wifi locked on a clever password too. In places like blocks of flats, there can be hundreds of people all attempting to log onto your Wifi for free Internet access. Who knows if any one of them have malicious intent?

Your Wifi is personal and private to you and will hold the key to your personal data. Keep it safe and your usage to yourself by also using strong passwords on your Wifi to lock it down.

Back It Up

All those lovely photos and videos you have on your computer, laptop, and mobile phone are lovely, aren’t they? Could you stand to lose them? Probably not.

It’s always a good idea to back up any files of any sort which you intend to keep. Hackers and cyber attacks can do unthinkable things to storage and memory on your devices so always find a completely separate location to back up all your precious files. Even if you think it’s a boring and tedious job, do it anyway or one day there may not be any files there to back up.

Once you’ve put all these measures in place try out more security steps to make sure the hackers have next to no chance.

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