Keeping Track Of Your Online Relationships

This concept seems very simple. After all who needs a database of files, folders, spreadsheets, etc. to keep track of all of their relationships? It should be something you can keep all in your head – but the world of online relationships and even the word “relationship” does not mean the same thing anymore.

For many, online relationships these days can basically just mean people that you have come in contact with. The online world is “trippy” (as a fellow webmaster once said to me) as you are making relationships and talking with people on a daily basis that you have never met, and will never meet (or even talk to on the phone in a lot of cases) in your life time. Some of these relationships go deeper than other. But what are you to do about keeping track of other websites that you have come in contact with from which both you and the other webmaster can benefit from, somewhere down the line, whether it be in the short term or in the distant future?

Ever Think About Using Software for Managing Relationships?

I for one am a big fan of using third party software to keep track of every single website that you ever come across that you feel can be beneficial to your website. There are many benefits to using software for online public relations and link building so here are a few of them to start with:

#1. You will not be able to keep track of many relationships without it. Using relationship management software does one thing very, very well for you – and that is allow for improvements in scalability. It allows you to handle a large volume of contacts and relationships all in one place.

#2. It cuts out tedious daily activities. Data entry, data entry, data entry. Data entry is a job that anyone in this world can do, and is one of the many things that SEO companies, as well as every other company on this planet, likes to outsource. However with relationship management software all of your data entry problems will be automated. Here are just a few things these types of software can automatically keep track of for you:

  • Website
  • Primary Contact
  • email Address
  • “Contact Us” URL
  • Phone Numbers
  • Relationship stage
  • Project
  • Metrics (Page Rank, Inbound Links, Site Age, Alexa Rank, etc.)
  • email History
  • Links (to and from)
  • IP address

Social Media Information

Keeping track of all of this information for many different sites each month is just impossible without some sort of automation process, and that’s where the software comes in.

On top of keeping track of all this information, many types of software allow you to create custom fields and keep track of any type of information whatsoever that you find useful in your public relations or link building work.

Side Note: It is because of software like this that new types of businesses can be started. Like the quote from the movie The Social Network – “Here at Harvard we believe that inventing jobs is better than finding them” – new software can help invent jobs, that would be otherwise impossible without them, which in this case would be a public relations or link building service.

How Webmasters can Deeply Benefit from this Type of Software

These types of software are basically like a one way Facebook where you build all of the data you think is necessary, store them as contacts, and create detailed profiles for each of them – profiles that only you have access to.

This is essentially what you will need to scale up your guest posting efforts. Guest posting on a high scale is very hard to do because you will have to deal with:

  • Sending out personalized emails
  • Come up with solid topics
  • Follow specific guidelines of each blogger
  • It is the type of link building where content must be high quality – not easy to do on a day to day basis
  • Edits – Rewrites
  • Keep track of Anchor Text and Landing
  • Pages that you have used

The amount of work that goes into one guest greatly exceeds the amount of work that goes into writing one article for your own website – and this type of software will help decrease the burden.

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