Keeping Your Health In Check While Traveling Long-Term

When traveling, it is easy to get off track with eating right, exercising regularly and making good choices in terms of our health. If you are going on vacation for a week or two, no big thing; you are getting away to have fun, and it is okay to indulge in some good eats, drink a bit more than you normally do and skimp on exercise. Once you get back, you can easily get back into the swing of things. But, when you are traveling long-term, the ‘’I’m on vacation’’ excuse really does not hold water and if you are trying to lose weight or just maintain general health, you will derail your efforts.  Here are some tips that I have used in my own travels to help maintain the healthy lifestyle that is important to me, while still allowing me to have some fun in the food department.

Try to Balance out Calories

I have been traveling throughout Southeast Asia for the last 20 months and things are a lot cheaper here, including quality restaurants serving delicious food that is just as good as home; I am a sucker for Italian, and as generally healthy as I am with my diet, I love a good gooey, creamy pasta dish as much as the next person. Being able to afford to eat out more frequently, that is exactly what I do, and I often opt for the tastier treats over boring things like salad. But, I am able to swing these more frequent nights out with more indulgent dishes because I commit to eating healthy most of the time. I mainly stay in houses and apartments for longer-term, and I make a lot of meals at home.

As a vegetarian, my shopping cart is always filled with loads of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats like nuts and avocados, and rich sources of protein like soy. Many meals out are typically healthy—I often frequent pure vegetarian restaurants or establishments that are designed for healthy eating. But, there are plenty of nights filled with delicious pasta and cheesy burritos. Yet, I am as thin as I have ever been, and I account much of that to my commitment to eating healthy on a regular basis so I have a little more wiggle room to eat those tastier items when I want.

Use Two Feet or Two Wheels

Another reason I am able to indulge with my diet a bit while still remaining fit and healthy is the fact that I am very active in everyday life; I have managed to trim down significantly, and not once during my travels have I ever joined a gym or took a formal exercise class. I simply move around a lot; I walk or ride a bicycle when reasonable; with the hot weather, I do not necessarily feel like doing this all the time, but I know it is important to stay active so I do it anyway. With inexpensive transportation options everywhere, it is tempting to go that route, but I know if I do that every time, I will not get adequate physical activity. When you are able to walk somewhere or bike somewhere, opt for that as often as possible.


About the Author: Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who has traveled extensively and enjoys sharing tips and advice; if you are looking to plan a trip for the best price, you can save on travel with Expedia.

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