Key Tips That Can Save Your Personal Statement’s Life

If you are reading this, you are probably knee-deep in the process of writing your personal statement essay for MBA school. You are probably going through your outline and trying to tell heads from tails. Maybe you’re tearing your hair out as seconds tick closer to the deadline. At this point, you should take a long deep breath and tell yourself ‘it is okay. I can do this.’ The problem many applicants face is not the fact writing the essay is hard. No. The biggest obstacle many applicants get is getting mentally blocked and tired. You should rest your mind and get some assurance from the following tips. They can, literally, save your personal statement’s life.

Writing a killer essay is learned not innate
Too many applicants think that only gifted writers can crank out awesome admissions essays. This is not true. You can learn how to produce a great essay that will get you in. You just have to have an open mind and you must be willing to put in the work to learn the steps you need to write a great essay.

You will go through several drafts
Many applicants form an emotional attachment to a specific draft they are doing. They think they only need to write their essay in one sitting. Talk about ridiculous. That’s like thinking you can shoot a movie in one take. Not going to happen. Don’t put undue pressure on yourself and just admit that you might need to go through several revisions and drafts. Don’t be afraid to start and restart.

It is okay to read model personal statements
Some applicants think that merely reading someone else’s essay means they are plagiarizing. Nothing could be further from the truth. You just need to make a concerted effort not to copy what you read. But reading in of itself is not going to get you into trouble. You have to remember why you are reading these models in the first place-you want to get inspired.

It is okay to use school’s editorial consultation services
Some programs actually give you feedback on your draft essays. Don’t be shy about using these services. It is not a sign of weakness to take advantage of existing programs that were established to help applicants. That is what they are for. Make sure you have all your questions together though-you don’t want to turn into a pest and hog all their resources so other applicants can’t get a shot. Act responsibly and actually put into practice whatever they advise you to do.

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