Last Minute Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that seems to arrive when no one expects it. It is very easy to forget that it in the middle of February. The result of this is many people forget to purchase Valentine’s Day gift until the very last minute. Here are three last minute gift ideas for men and for women.


One of the biggest and best ideas for men is to purchase flowers. Some men assume that all women want is a large bouquet of red roses to be happy. That is not the case. A man can show his love by simply going to the grocery store and selecting a nice bouquet of flowers. A unique flower bouquet shows the woman that she is special and one of a kind since the flowers are unlike the others that many women will receive from their men. The flowers at the grocery store may last longer and have a better smell. In addition to this, they are probably much more affordable compared to going to a professional florist.


Chocolate is a favourite candy, which is sure to please that special woman. Finding great chocolate does not need to be purchased at a candy store. A local grocery or department store has excellent, prepackaged chocolate in the candy aisle. In fact, there may be certain Valentine’s Day chocolate that is still available at good prices.


A Valentine’s Day card truly communicates the heart of a man to the woman he loves. A thoughtful card can be the best gift possible to some women. A homemade card is an excellent idea; however, it takes time and creativity to get the right wording. Another option is to go to a department store, find the greeting card area and select the right card.

Movie Tickets

A great Valentine’s Day gift for a man can be movie passes at the local movie theatre. Tickets can be purchased online or on a smartphone. At the theatre, he can enjoy the food and drink that is available.


If dining plans have not been made, an excellent idea is to purchase some of his favourite foods and bring to the meeting location. Having a thought-out meal at home is better than having a meal at a loud restaurant.


Every man likes to smell good. This is especially true when he is with the woman he loves. A last minute gift idea is cologne. Stop by a local retailer and take a close look at the varieties available. Find one that smells good and purchase it for him. New cologne can be a great gift that continues to have good returns.

Last minute Valentine’s Day gifts can be very thoughtful and full of meaning. All it takes is some creativity and a little money. The result is that Valentine’s Day is a memorable holiday.

Amanda Jenkins is a successful business owner based in Brisbane, Australia. She runs numerous retail boutiques that are very popular and as expected is very business leading up to Valentine’s day. Amanda has suggested many gift ideas to her clients on the occasion when they have left it last minute and even recommended an online florist to ensure fast delivery.

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