Learn How To Play Bingo

Bingo is fun to play and even more fun when a jackpot is won!  Bingo players may ask ‘how can I win more?” and we have a few answers to that question to get the ball rolling.  The truth is that bingo is a game of chance – the numbered balls are selected randomly.  There are no guaranteed formulas or strategies that will ensure a win but there are ways to boost your chances of leaving the game with quite an attractive bankroll!  Follow these suggestions for a better bingo experience but most important is to have fun but remember – it’s a game that is essentially about ‘luck’.

New to Bingo?
The rules of bingo are basic and easy to follow.  There is an important aspect to consider before getting involved or choosing a bingo ‘site’, whether it is a bingo hall or an online bingo site.  The rules or ‘structure’ of play may be presented differently from hall to hall or site to site.  Be sure to read, and follow, all directions before you start.  They are posted for a reason and it is very likely going to be ‘critical’ information that you will need to know!  Take some time to ‘experience’ bingo before actually engaging in the exciting game for real prize money!  Most sites offer free games in order for new members to acclimate themselves to the site, the directions, the graphics, the speed that numbers will be called.  Do not hesitate to investigate your bingo options, as well.  There are a great many bingo ‘rooms’ on the web and finding the ‘right’ ones is a good way to begin.  Review the e-bingo rooms to understand their deposit and payment processes, check on their licensure, find graphics that appeal to you, and get a sense of the ‘atmosphere’ to be sure it is one that suits you.  Now let’s play some bingo!

More ‘Tips’
These tips are about increasing the odds that you will win more bingo games.  Of course, these are not guarantees that you will win, but rather a way of increasing the ‘chance’.  Start with good money management and take advantage of any bonuses that you can find!  Bonuses are a great way to get ‘free’ game play and new member ‘sign-up’ promotions.  Our reviews provide a wonderful guide to the best bingo bonuses and where to find them!  The next thing you should examine carefully is the price of a bingo card.  While low price cards will usually equate to smaller jackpots, the beauty of cheaper cards is that you can play more cards or play more games.  It has been statistically shown that the more you play, the better your chances of a win!  It is better to small and work-up than to begin big and lose it all before you even have an ample chance to enjoy the game!  Winning ‘streaks’ mean that sheer ‘luck’ is in your favor, so keep in mind that ‘moderation’ is essential!  Manage your bingo bankroll effectively to enjoy much more play-time.  Now let’s win some bingo jackpots!

B-I-N-G-O !
A few more tips to enhance the potential wins that you enjoy in B-I-N-G-O.  A word on bingo cards will further promote the chance that you will be the next lucky bingo jackpot winner.  If you play at a land-based bingo hall arrive early to take advantage of the cream of the crop of bingo cards.  Statistically speaking, certain numbers have typically appeared ‘more often’, despite the fact that numbers are randomly generated.  Online bingo rooms may not offer the option to trade your card in for another but there are certain sites and occasions for you to do so.  If you can, follow these basic B-I-N-G-O recommendations when it comes to settling on a card or cards that you will play.  B = Low numbers in the B column will serve you well.  I = Avoid cards with too many numbers lower than 19.  Numbers 19-29 may appear more frequently.  N = Avoid all numbers in the 40’s and instead select cards with 29-39 in this column whenever possible.  G = Go for the numbers 40 and higher here!  The higher the better in the G column!   O = Anything above 71 is unfavorable but numbers 60 through 68 should serve you well.

With all of this advice in hand you are now ready to make the most of your next bingo game and return home with a marvelous bankroll!  And that is how you win at bingo.

I’m an avid bingo gaming enthusiast and writer on online gaming.

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