Learning About SMTP DKIM

What is SMTP DKIM?

SMTP is the acronym standing for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is the standard for transmitting electronic mail across IP, Internet Protocol, networks. DKIM stands for Domain Keys Identified Mail. It is the method used for associating your email address to a domain name. While SMTP involves the actual transmission of your email communications, smtp dkim involves the verification and validation process to determine whether your email address is legitimate or not. It authenticates the delivery chain for any email communications you send. The verification involves a digital signature that your recipient can validate. In order to use DKIM with any email, you must obtain a private key that has been encrypted. This further validates your domain email address with both your recipient and any number of ISPs. It makes it impossible for counterfeiters to pretend to be you. In other words, your DKIM shows you have responsibility for owning your email message. It gives all recipient systems a chance to validate that your email is genuine.

To get an example of a real-life smtp dkim, open up an email you have received. Under Tools, click on ‘source.’ This will provide you with the string of email delivery protocol your communication went through before arriving in your inbox.

Who Cares About SMTP DKIM?

If you rely on business-related email for anything, whether it be transactional or bulk-related, you need to care about smtp dkim. It is the deciding factor in whether your email communication reaches your recipient’s inbox or not. All major search engines check for your smtp dkim before processing your email. In fact, you must know that Internet service providers, known as ISPs, utilize an approach known as “guilty before proven innocent” when determining what email communications are classified as trash and which are considered legitimate. ISPs including Earthlink, AOL, Google and Gmail, Bing, Bell Canada, Yahoo! And Yahoo! Mail, and Cox.net all rely on DKIM to successfully process email.

If your emails do not include a DKIM signature, they will not be trusted by any ISP. Hence, your emails will not go anywhere. This can spell disaster for your business communications. Poor communications can harm your reputation with both your customers and ISPs, lowering your conversion rate, decreasing trust and confidence levels, and hindering your overall business success.

A SMTP Email Service Can Help

Sometimes the process of optimizing smtp dkim can appear overwhelming. You may feel that your services are better suited to keeping your company operating at optimal levels in other areas. Whenever this occurs, it is important to know that there are professional companies who specialize in smtp dkim. These highly trained professionals will work with you on an individual basis to help you develop a strong smtp dkim strategy that best suits your business needs.

Learning about smtp dkim and implementing it can be the best decision you ever make for your business. Even though it will not prevent spam, dkim can play a huge role in validating the legitimacy of any email communication.

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