Learning About Ubiquitous And Statin Drugs

What is Ubiquinol?

Ubiquitous is the active form of the enzyme Coenzyme Q10. Your body naturally produces enough of these enzymes to keep your body operating at optimal levels. Since it is an antioxidant, ubiquinol helps fight free radicals within your body that want to accelerate your aging process. It can reduce your risks of developing a number of degenerative conditions including heart disease, arthritis, respiratory ailments and hindered brain functioning.

What is a Statin?

Whenever a patient has a high LDL level, they commonly will be prescribed a statin medication. In fact, statin medications are the number one prescribed medication in the world. These medications are prescribed to lower harmful cholesterol levels throughout your body. Harmful cholesterol, technically known as LDL or low density lipoprotein, is the main culprit for causing a number of heart-related conditions. Statins lower harmful cholesterol levels by blocking your body’s natural ability to produce sufficient amounts of cholesterol that are needed to keep your body operating at optimal levels. As beneficial as this may be, you need to learn about statin side effects.

Learning About Statin Side Effects

Even though statins do lower harmful cholesterol levels, they also produce a major side effect that you many may not know about. Some side effects can be seen or felt as soon as three months after beginning statin drug treatment. You need to know that ubiquinol is your body’s key antioxidant defense against neutralizing the harmful oxidation of LDL cholesterol. By taking statins, you are hindering this oxidation process. This is because statin medications are known to compromise your body’s natural production of CoQ10 and ubiquinol. When this happens, your body becomes depleted of these protective enzymes. This depletion is responsible for a number of negative health concerns including a decreased energy level and impaired functioning.

Long-term statin patients can experience a number of negative health effects. Patients may notice increased nerve damage and muscle pain. A common complaint among statin patients is the fact that they experience overall muscle pain. Prolonged use of statin medications can lead to muscle tissue breakdown. Depending upon the person’s individual health condition, some statin patients can experience overall muscular pain known as cardiomyalgia. Statins can also lead to a weakened heart muscle.

How Ubiquinol Affects Statins

You can counteract the negative effects of any statin medication by taking a ubiquinol supplement. Supplements can replenish your body’s depleted levels of Coenzyme Q10 and ubiquinol caused by statin drugs. Increased blood levels of these important enzymes can provide you with a number of health benefits. These include improved energy levels and enhanced heart health. You may find that your muscle pain diminishes, that your mental focus and functioning improve and that you perform your daily tasks with more ease. Taking an ubiquinol supplement will make it easier for your body to properly absorb Coenzyme Q10. With statin medications being so popular, you need to learn as much as you can to protect yourself.

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