LED – The Future Of Household Lighting

Replacing household light bulbs is one of life’s many frustrations. It happens way more often than it should and when it does, you always find you have every kind of bulb except the one you need. If you were to add up over ten years just how much money you’d spent on replacing light bulbs you’d probably have a heart attack. With utility bills on the rise and household budgets stretched to the limit, expensive light bulbs are something you don’t want to be paying out for every couple of weeks. Therefore you’ll be glad to hear there’s a simple and very cost effective solution to this little dilemma. By the time you’ve finished reading this you’ll be kicking yourself for not knowing about it sooner.

The Advantages of LED Light Bulbs
Any idea what the average operational lifespan of a standard incandescent bulb is? No? Why on earth would you? Well, I can tell you it’s approximately 5,000 hours. Now that sounds like a lot when you say it back to yourself, but when you compare that to the 50,000+ hours you get out of a standard LED light bulb, it’s really quite pathetic. Common sense would suggest that a product that outperforms another by such a significant margin would cost a great deal more, but with LED it’s simply not the case. When you consider how many incandescent bulbs you’d replace in the time it takes for one LED bulb to burn out, there are really no qualms about paying a fraction more for a bulb. Furthermore, prices of LED light bulbs are set to drop even more in the coming years.

What about brightness and efficiency you ask? Excuse the pun, but LED’s outshine the competition once again. Not only are they a great deal brighter than incandescent lights, they burn a lot cooler too. Part of the reason why incandescent bulbs are so inefficient is that they lose 80% of their energy as heat. Losing just 20% of energy as heat makes LED’s the most energy efficient lighting option on the market.

Looking to the Future
Our modern day concerns for the environment are shaping the world around us. Old technologies are being weeded out and replaced by those with superior efficiency. LED lighting is becoming more prevalent in our society as the decades go by and the trend is set to continue well into the future. Researchers are certain that LED’s will eventually replace all other forms of lighting, both domestic and industrial.

Jamie Gibsan shares his knowledge on lighting solutions, writing on behalf of JB Light Bulbs

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