Let There Be Space: 7 Ways to Add Space to Your Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom can lead to many inconveniences while remodeling. Are you too facing this issue? It is only natural that a small bathroom due to its less space availability makes it tough to reorganize its components. And it is here that the role of bathroom vanities comes in.

Modern bathroom vanities are very much storage and space efficient. Moreover, with the advent of RTA bathroom cabinets that can be customized in various ways, remodeling a small bathroom is no more a hectic task. These cabinets are available in a long range of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors which allow you to select one which suits your own taste and complements the bathroom décor.

Yet, there are other ways in which you can increase the space of your small bathroom. If there are many people using the bathroom then it becomes very much important to keep it clear of clutter and utilize storage effectively.

Here are 7 ways for a more effective bathroom space utility:

  1. Position of the cabinet: The position of the cabinet plays an important role is increasing space. Positioning the cabinets along walls and corners increases a lot of space for access in the small bathroom. This prevents the formation of any extra gap which is basically wasted space.

Nowadays, modern bathroom vanities are available in various shapes and sizes which can be customized to fit perfectly along corners.

  1. Wall Mounted Vanity cabinets: Wall-mounted vanity cabinets are attached on the walls which hence allow access to the space underneath. This space can be used to place mattresses. The space further makes the bathroom appear larger.

Opt for a beautiful set of wall-mounted modern walnut cabinets and give your bathroom a rich vibe.

  1. Linen closet: Linen closets are a great way to deal with clutter. When there are many people using your small bathroom, clutter builds up quickly. What a linen closet does is that it lets you store all your personal belongings inside, hidden from view. You can easily store your innerwear, towels and other accessories of the type in such closets.
  1. Faucet: The type of faucet you opt to fit in your bathroom also plays a vital role in giving your kitchen a traditional, modern or transitional appeal. Choose from a long range of faucets like single hole, centerset or widespread and give your bathroom a perfect personal appeal.
  1. Mirror: Installing a mirror above your bathroom cabinet can have a highly positive effect on your bathroom space. It can make your bathroom space appear larger.
  1. Clear Clutter: No matter what you do, clearing clutter is perhaps the most important. Daily sorting of your modern bathroom vanities helps you maintain the bathroom space and aesthetics.
  1. Utilize your walls: It is not necessary to only add cabinets or closets for storage. Analyze your bathroom space, install towel racks, shelves, and single box wall mounted cabinets might turn out more useful both its terms of space and storage utility. Most important is to keep in mind that there should always be ample space in your bathroom to be accessible on foot.

Opt for classic metal racks and hangers which can greatly complement your modern walnut cabinets.

Opting for vanity cabinets is an effective way to give your small bathroom a perfect space efficient makeover. However, keeping these 7 points in mind will further help you to increase space in your bathroom and make it appear larger and thus more aesthetically pleasing.

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