Lewis Hamilton Acknowledges Fernando Alonso

In recent development from the F1 Ferrari camp, Lewis Hamilton acknowledged that Fernando Alonso’s consistency has been the sole reason for his titles challenge this season, something Hamilton wishes he could have done.

Ex-team-mates, now best of rivals. After their “less than friendly” year together at McLaren in 2007, the two driver’s Mutual destruction has now given place to mutual appreciation.
Lewis in particular has been more forthcoming in this new mutual respect between the two, hailing Alonso on more than one occasion. Lewis labeled Alonso as not only a “deserving champion” but a very consistent driver as well.

Although Sebastian Vettel may be the favorite to win this year’s drivers championship, his 3rd in a RB8 car which many perceive to be better than Alonso’s F2012, it looks like the Ferrari driver is going to take the title race right down to the wire. Only 13 points separate Vettel and Alonso. If Alonso manages to beat Vettel to the championship then he will claim the title of being the youngest three-times World Champion in the history of F1 racing.

If Alonso manages to catch Vettel, having won his last race back in July, than it will be a testament to the Spaniards consistent performances.
While talking about Alonso’s consistency this year, Hamilton said “Fernando didn’t have a great car at the start of the year and he still managed to score some great, great points. He’s been massively consistent. That was the consistency I wanted to get, but he toppled mine and just kept on going,”

It is interesting to note here that while Hamilton has nothing but words of praise for Alonso he chooses not to comment about the championship leader. But many believe that Vettel’s dominance in the last month, winning four consecutive races, is a more of a testament to Red bull’s peerless designer, Adrian Newey.

After Vettel’s narrow victory at the Indian GP, Hamilton termed Newey as a “genius”, while Alonso declared that in this title race “I am not, or we are not, only fighting Sebastian, we are fighting Newey.”

Fair praise for Newey or mind games with Vettel? According to Anthony Davidson, former Aguri driver, it is the latter. Davidson says, “Alonso is a wily old fox and he knows how to play the game – on and off the track. What he’s saying is ‘look, you’ve got a better car than me buddy, and that’s the only reason you are beating me.”

Many perceive Alonso’s comment as a beckoning call to Ferrari to “hurry up”. But whatever the case may be, Ferrari’s breaking the curfew on Thursday night to install new parts on Alonso’s car is surely a sign that Ferrari and Alonso in particular are most certainly going to take the challenge to Vettel.

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