Lie Detector Test – Employee Lied On CV

Can a private detective find out if someone is lying?
In this competitive world today it is not unheard of for over 100 applicants for one job. How as an employer do you whittle down what are bound to be a fantastic group of people into just one? With the help of a private detective you could carry out background checks into the CV’s of the best of the best but in the end it will probably go right down to personality. This does not mean that we will grill them to see if they are lying but that we will thoroughly check all the information given to make sure it all fits.

Would you use a lie detector test?
We would only use a lie detector test if the person who was going to be tested agreed to it. A lie detector test needs to have the authorisation of the person being tested. They can be between 78 % – 95% accurate and the certified examiner will ask the questions that you would like asked. The test can be carried out in the comfort of a hotel room, a room at your office or even in the comfort of the person being tested own home. The test will take approximately one hour with the results being available at the end of the test. A lie detector test is not always necessary as a pre-employment questionnaire will give all the information that needs investigating. We will call all the referees on the list and check out employment dates and education institutions attended and exams taken.

Lie detector test
It is more appropriate to carry out a lie detector test once a person has been employed. If it comes up that an employee is unable to fulfil a task that they claimed, on their CV, they had experience of. The lie detector test will pick it up if the person has lied. It is a much better idea to check the candidate out in the first place and verify their information before you hire them as once you have hired them it becomes quite difficult to let them go. You could possible end up paying for someone who does not have the skills you require and therefore you cannot afford to pay for someone who does have the skills you need.

Find the best person for the job
Finding the best person for the job can be time consuming but it is better to find out what you are getting and know that the person can do it rather than find out that they can’t do their job. It is a good idea to look at references and follow them up. Check that the person is who they are claiming to be by having sight of a passport or driving licence. All documents should be checked even a driving licence could be out of date but full of endorsements. People don’t mean to lie but if someone wants a job that much they might think a little white lie is ok.

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