Lie Detector Test To See If He Is My Dad

He looks like me
A client came to us to find out if the person who claimed to be his father really was him. The situation had got out of hand with his mother and supposed father had split after 25 years and were not talking to each other. Our client’s mother told our client that the man she told him was his father was not. She told our client that she had had an affair with another man and that man was his father. Our client had never thought any differently because he even looked like our client.

Did you sleep with him?
The man our client believed to be his father had always believed himself to be his father. Our client’s mother had told him out of the blue that she had had the affair. However our client believes she is making it all up to get back at her husband because he had an affair. Both our client and his parents would like his mother to take a lie detector test to see if the man our client believed to be his father is. Our client was quite upset by his mother’s actions and felt she was being grossly unfair.

Take the Lie detector test
The test was carried out at the family home and our client and his possible father put together some of the questions they wanted the qualified examiner to ask his mother. The test was to take about an hour and the results were obtainable on the day of the test. Our client decided that he wanted to ask his mother other questions about his childhood during the test as she had made him feel quite confused about a lot of things she has told him in the past and he would like to get to the bottom of it.

The all-important results
Our client’s mother was very willing to take the test and was quite adamant that her husband was not the father. When all the questions had been asked and the results were in the examiner gave the results to the family. It was quite clear that our client’s mother was lying and the man he had always thought to be his father was his father. His mother told him she was sorry to upset him but she wanted to get back at her husband for the affair that he had. Our client was not impressed with his mother and the way in which she decided to make everyone suffer. He felt that her behaviour was far worse than the fling that his father had had twenty years ago.

It is worth giving a lie detector test a good mull over before you decide on that route as something unexpected could come up and change the dynamics of the results. In this case the mother lied about having an affair to get back at her husband but the person who suffered the most was her son who did not deserve to be put through such an ordeal.

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