Life, Cockroaches, & A Bit Of A Success Story?

Before we begin, I’d like to give you some background information; a bit of a biography if you will. After many years of struggling together, my wife and I suddenly became wealthy. Not super wealthy, by any means, but fairly well off.

For years, my wife had been working on her MBA while working, and I had been working as a high school English teacher. During the summers, I would write. I’d usually churn out a couple of young adult novels, but unfortunately never had any publishers even take a nibble.

Suddenly, it happened. My wife graduated and was given an executive position with the company she had worked with for over a decade. At the same time, one of my Young Adult novels was picked up. There was even talk of a film. Our years of hard work and sacrifice were finally paying off.

Finding the Perfect House

My wife and I loved older houses. Sure, there were problems, but more often than not, remodeling an older home would be a lot less expensive than building an entirely new one. We found a turn-of-the-century Victorian we fell in love with. It even came with an old barn that could easily be converted into a crafting hall/garage. It was large enough for four cars, which was great because we’d soon need the extra room for our two teenage daughters.

The inside of the house was in serious need of some tender loving care. We talked with my mother, a professional house designer, and started figuring out exactly what we wanted the house to look like. Kids picked their rooms, I got an office attached to the master bedroom suite from which I could write. My wife finally got the whirlpool tub she’d been craving since we first got married.

And best of all, both of us would finally get the kitchen of our dreams. When we first met, my wife would burn Kool-Aid if unleashed on the kitchen. And it’s not because she wasn’t culinarily gifted, more so because her mother was just a bad teacher. Needless to say, we started cooking together so she could nail everything down. Turns out baking is her forte. Her apple pies are to die for.

Planning and Designing

We worked with my mother for weeks on the design of the house, tweaking and iterating. We spent what seemed like ages deciding on wallpaper for each of the kid’s rooms, but finally got that out of the way. Fortunately, our dream kitchen took less time. My wife and I had agreed for a long time what it should look like.

Eventually, we decided the quickest course of action would be to divide up rooms and set about designing them. My wife would take some rooms, I would take others. A few we still had to agree on, but those were ones we’d been discussing for years.

We called various construction agencies and got some quotes, and construction was about to begin. The first agent came out to work on the kitchen, pulled out the oven to take a peek behind at the floorboards, and found a nest of cockroaches.

Cockroaches Everywhere!

The nasty little buggers had infested my beautiful new house. We had no idea where they came from or how they got in, but no one was going in until they died. We called several companies to fix the issue, but none of them could guaranty work shy of six months. Not a chance!

We finally found a company that did it the old fashioned way – fumigating the entire house. They were able to guaranty results on the first attempt, but we would have to stay out of the house for a week. We accepted, and prayed that our lovely new home would be roach free soon.

By Doug Whittaker

Doug Whittaker is a professional writer who has been writing online articles for several years. He is currently researching a myriad of topics, but the one that has currently caught his interest is the sheer number of cockroaches in Utah.

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