Lift The New Year Blues With A New Look

Christmas is over, the hazy memories of New Year’s Eve are fading fast and the weather is dull; starting a new year can be a depressing experience, but, it doesn’t have to be.  The New Year is a great time to make some changes and create a new look for yourself.  Creating a new look does not have to cost a fortune or to be hard work; just a few small changes and decisions such as, to move more, sell your clothes that you don’t wear, and change just some of your eating habits, can make a huge difference.

De-clutter your life
Begin your New Year transformation by getting rid of the things you no longer need or want. This will make space, improve your environment and may even lead to you unearthing items you thought you had lost forever.  How much or how little of your clutter  you will choose to free yourself from is up to you; a good guide is to get rid of anything you haven’t used in the last three to six months or that you have no idea what it does or what it is for.

Choose to move more
Once you have dealt with the space around you it is time to start thinking about other small changes you can make to help you with your new look.  Exercise can be a scary concept, but, if you think of it in terms of moving more it becomes less daunting.  Moving more can be as simple as getting off of the bus a stop earlier, walking short distances instead of using the car; which will also save you money. If you spend a long time working at a desk get up and walk around at regular intervals.  You may even find that there are parts of your job that you can do standing rather than sitting, such as; phone calls, taking or attending meetings, and if you have access to hand held technology you can even write and send emails while standing.

Change one thing in your diet
Changing your diet, like choosing to move more does not have to be scary; if you make one change and start to feel the positive effects of that change then other changes will naturally follow.  You could choose to add more fruit and vegetable to your meals or to cut down the number of snacks you have in-between your meals.  If you already have a balanced and healthy diet then maybe your change could be to try new foods or experiment with new recipes.

Completing your new look
Following the first three steps will hopefully have made you look and feel better about yourself; you may even find that you have more energy and that your shape has improved.  To complete this transformation you could treat yourself to a new outfit and a well-deserved shopping trip. If you included clearing out your wardrobe in stage one, then you also have the means at your disposal to fund your shopping trip; all you need to do is sell your clothes that you cleared out.  All that is left to do now is head for your favourite shop, choose an outfit that suits your new look and meet the year with a renewed sense of wellbeing and confidence.

Written by: Ian. He particularly likes to write about technology, computers, recruitment and general topics including some seasonal topics. More of his work can be found on

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