Lights, Camera, Action!-Fun Ways To Make Memories With Your Kids

You’ll never get to spend today with your children again, so it’s important that you take the time to make as many memories with them as possible and capture all the fun life events that they experience.

There are plenty of different ways that you can create memories with your children, and here are just a few of them.

Take pictures.
Pictures are the best way to capture moments, and since cameras are now installed on phones and other mobile devices, taking pictures is very simple to do. Make sure that you take posed and candid shots of your children to capture their personalities and fun experiences. Both you and them will enjoy going through these pictures later in life.

Take videos.
Video cameras are not as big and bulky as they used to be, and now with one click of your smartphone, you can record great video in HD. Make sure that you take videos of your children to capture all the memories. You can take videos of regular life moments, such as birthdays and holidays, but you should also break out the video camera and allow your child to make their own movies. Not only will they have a ton of fun doing this, but you’ll also have some of the best video memories possible.

Create scrapbooks.
Scrapbooks are a great way to remember certain timeframes or events. Take all the pictures you took and have your child help you create a scrapbook for a certain year or certain event. For example, you can have them make a scrapbook for their grade, or you can have them make a scrapbook from the family vacation you recently took. By doing this, you’ll have all of your pictures organized, but you’ll also create everlasting memories by creating the scrapbooks with your children.

Start traditions.
One great way to make memories with your kids is to start traditions that they can continue to carry on with their own children. For example, do something extra special on their birthday, such as fill their room with balloons while they’re sleeping or allowing them to choose where to go out to dinner. Though they may seem simple, if you do this every year, it will become a memory-filled tradition for the rest of their lives.

Buy memory keepsakes.
There are certain memories that your child will have, such as birthday parties, big milestones and even family vacations. A great way to keep these events as memories is to buy keepsakes that will remind them about it. For example, if you and your family took a vacation to the beach, you can buy them a seashell ornament. This way, every holiday season when they place the ornament on the tree, they’ll think back to that vacation and all the fun they had.

Sharing memories with your kids is very important, and capturing them is a great way to ensure that both you and your child remember these moments together for the rest of your lives.

Caroline Jones is a professional photographer.  Her favorite shoots are ones of activities for kids and children with their pets.

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