Limousines: Gotta Try It Once

Limousines are extremely extravagant and often thought to be far out of reach unless you’re “Richie Rich” and the owner of a twenty something story mansion. However, the god honest truth about these elongated party wagons is that they are extremely affordable and available to just about anyone. Cost is not all that counts, though.

  • First, let’s go ahead and get the idea that limousines aren’t available to just any person out of your head, because they are. They’re for anyone and the  money it requires would simply astonish you. According to a place that is written off as a very satisfying limousine site, prices for all sorts of limos can run as low as ten dollars an hour from every head coming on the trip. So assuming that everyone pays for themselves, that comes out to be right around 30 to 40 dollars for an entire night of being driven around in a limo by a personal chauffer who will take you wherever you want and drop you off just when and where you want to.
  • There is absolutely never a dull moment in a limousine. They come stocked with a miniature fridge and it’s perfectly acceptable to bring drinks and what not of your own. Not to mention the fact that they seat up to 20 people (your closest friends) which adds up to equal one giant, killer, mobile party.
  • As you can see you can see in the aforementioned link, the choices for which kind of limousine, you’d like to rent are vast. This provides a new experience to you almost every single time you’d like to rent a limo. One weekend can be spent in the luxury Sedan as a couple taking you from place to create an incredibly romantic atmosphere, while the next weekend can be spent with you and fifteen of you best friends in a stretch Hummer limousine traveling from club to club always keeping the party warm and alive.
  • Limousines are perfect for an uncanny range of events. Some of which include: Prom, birthdays, weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, funerals, weekends, weekdays, in fact, limousines are good for literally anytime. They are always a great time.

With all of this in mind, it is an absolute necessity to ride in a limousine at least once if not many more times than that. They are an affordable blast that will have you and your adventurous counterparts ranting and raving about the amazing time you had over the weekend.

This article was written by Tony V, Las Vegas Entertainment Guru. 24-7 Limousines is a VIP limousine service in Las Vegas for weddings, promos, meetings or Las Vegas airport pick-up & drop-off. For the best limo service in Las Vegas call us today!

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