Linde Materials Handling Range Extends With Arrival Of P20

The latest tow tractor to join Linde’s extensive range of machines is the P20, which promises to offer compact dimensions and excellent manoeuvrability so that it can cope with heavy use in warehouse and factory environments.

Linde Materials Handling Range Extends With Arrival Of P20

Whether deployed for pallet racking in Ireland or inventory management in the UK and elsewhere, the P20 packs plenty of potential and a level of modern technology, all tied together with an electric motor which is efficient and quiet enough for indoor use.

Vital Statistics

Measuring just 0.6 metres wide, this three-wheeled machine can tow loads weighing up to two tonnes. In its platform truck iteration, the P20 can support the direct weight of up to 0.4 tonnes, which shows just how diverse and capable this family of material handling models can be.

Power is provided by onboard batteries, with fast swap-out assured thanks to the easy-access replacement hatches. This means that with the 1.5 kW motor onboard, this tow tractor can handle multiple shifts in a row with minimal downtime or maintenance breaks in between periods of intense usage.

Organisations like duffydiscount and others will benefit from this type of durability and convenience, enabling them to enhance productivity in the process.

Safety and Comfort

As soon as the operator leaves the platform of the P20, the parking brake will automatically be applied so that it is not in any danger of gaining momentum under its own weight. Braking is also automated when the tractor is stationary on an incline, giving operators additional peace of mind about the safety of using this machine.

Operators have the option of either using the P20 from a standing position with a backrest in place to keep them comfortable while they jump in and out during a typical cycle of use, or of flipping down the included seat if required.

A low step height provides quick, strain-free access to the tractor while a knee guard is provided to ensure that even if the operator needs to break quickly, they will not exert undue force on their joints.

Linde Material Handling spokesperson Stuart Sims said that the rise in popularity of electric tow tractors had led the company to develop this competitive new machine, which meets the needs of various customers across a range of industries thanks to its flexible capabilities.

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