Locked And Ready: Locks To Keep Your Cycle Secure

Not only are us cyclists at the hands of merciless and inconsiderate drivers but we also run the risk of having our two-wheeled treasures stolen by some opportunistic kleptomaniac.

There are, however, plenty of sturdy, robust and affordable locks that can prevent any light-fingered miscreant pilfering our pride and joy.

Of course there are a few things you should consider first before making your purchase. For example, how easy it is to use? It shouldn’t be complicated and ideally only require one hand to lock as your other hand will be holding the bike up. We also live on an island of (how best to describe it?) inclement weather, so good weather proofing around the lock would prevent premature rustiness or damage. And, of course, you’ll need to carry the lock to your destination before securing it, so anything awkward, cumbersome or fiddly will just create unnecessary work.


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So if you want to see your bike again when you return from your festive shopping spree, here are a few bike locks currently on the market that are more than up to the job.

Master Lock Street Flexium
A shackle-and-chain style lock that is both secure and versatile. It has a good nylon sleeve so you can loop it anywhere.  Having said that, it’s pretty small to fit anything other than a 31 inch waist so best to carry it in a bag, and it rattles in its housing, but it does a very good job and is very good value for money.

Abus U-Mini 401 Yellow
This is small, lightweight, locks like a dream and has a non-scratch rubber coating that makes it easy to use. Plus it has a deep key pockets that keeps water from the moving bits, and you get four keys (which, if you’re as clumsy or forgetful as me, is a real boon).

Kryponite Evolution Mini7, Plus Cable
This is good value – ostensibly a U-lock and 4ft Kryptonite cable – that is particularly good for giving extra protection our bike’s more vulnerable bits, such as the wheels. A bit tricky getting used to the fiddly lock but you should be able to lock it one-handed once you’ve mastered it.

An ingenious design that offers plenty of chain and padlock security and flexibility, it has a Velcro quick release that allows portage without the annoyance of locking and unlocking, a padlock that rests comfortably against the body, and also comes in reflective versions.

OnGuard 5003 Pitbull STD
Pitbull by name and certainly Pitbull by nature, this is a large and hefty lock, but you’ll appreciate its girth when tying it to something bulky. Its mount to the bike is also very secure which u uses a key-free bracket and is superbly weatherproofed. Strong, practical, secure, and good value. What more could you want?

These are just five bike locks available and there are obviously lots more, so if none of these whet your appetite you’ll have to do a bit of your own research. But whether you want to secure           boys jump bikes or safely lock up a hybrid bike, at least you know there are plenty of robust and effective locks on the market.

Do you use another type of lock that you could recommend to us security-conscious cyclists?

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Gavin Harvey is a personal trainer and keen cyclist whose security conscious ways make sure he keeps a watchful eye on the best bargains to keep his two-wheeled pride and joy safe. Here he writes for buybikes247.

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