Looking For Your Next Tax Job?

Looking for a tax job?
The world of taxation has always been a good career choice for those with a love of numeracy, analytical work, client liaison and intellectual stimulation. Nowadays, it’s becoming an industry on a national scale, as the government seeks to increase its tax revenues and individuals and businesses alike seek professional assistance from tax advisors and other professionals in the field to make sure that their reporting and affairs are up to date. This means that there is plenty of opportunity for those who wish to work and progress within the industry.

Great opportunities available for the right hires
This means that there are more high-quality tax jobs than ever in a range of fields. You may wish to specialise in taxation for a specific sector, or for a certain business size. You may wish to specialise in tax advice for individuals or specialist tax areas, such as corporation tax, income tax, capital gains tax or other more complex fields. You may wish to travel overseas and work on contracts, work within an in-house team, or operate as a consultant. You may also wish to pursue a tax career as an initial step before moving into management consultancy or another aligned field. Whatever your reasons for kick-starting a career in taxation, there are plenty of roles, fields and paths for you to choose from.

Finding the right recruiter
Regardless of your ideal tax job, the first step lies in finding the right opportunities. For this, a recruitment agency that specialises in taxation jobs can prove ideal. This is better than opting for a general or high street agency, because most specialist taxation roles will be promoted via specialist agencies that are known to have the right contacts and candidates on their books. Make sure you are one of these candidates. Register your interest and organise an interview with a recruitment consultant and heed their advice on your CV. Make any amendments that they suggest and listen to their advice and guidance. They will know the state of the industry and the opportunities that might be available and which you may be suitable for. Be flexible in the sort of work you are looking for to get on the career ladder and show that you are genuinely motivated to find the right role by staying in touch and being proactive in your engagement with the agency. It’s a highly competitive field to work in and there are a large number of highly qualified candidates chasing the best roles. So if you’re serious about working in the taxation industry, then you need to show it.

So don’t leave your next career move to chance   work with the right recruiter to kick-start the next phase of your progress and get a head start into 2013.

Stacey Norman writes regularly on a range of tax issues. She is here writing on behalf of Pro Tax, a leading recruitment agency for the tax industry. Find out more at www.pro-tax.co.uk

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