Looking Your Best During Cold Season

The thought of that moment when the person next to you starts to sniffle or cough makes you want to recoil in horror and run home where you are safe. It’s impossible not to dread the inevitable – it’s flu season and a cold or the flu is the last thing you want to catch. And let’s face it, with everyone’s busy schedule; no one has time to be sick. Still, no matter what great lengths you go, you can’t always avoid it. The thing about being sick is not only do you feel run down, but also you look it. Unwelcomed cold symptoms are well known: Stuffy and irritated nose, itchy and watery eyes, sore throat, cough, and pale complexion. Next time you feel like you’re coming down with something, arm yourself with makeup and other tips to help you get through that cold spell that will leave you feeling better about how you look, even if you don’t feel your best.

Invest In Top-Notch Tissues
If you’ve ever had to buy tissues, you know that some of those top-of-the-line brands will leave your pocket feeling a little lighter. That moment that you rush to the convenience store to buy some, skip the cheap stuff and splurge. When you get sick, you need a lot of tissues. The thing is, the less expensive brands aren’t going to do as good of a job. They are most likely thinner so you’ll go through them faster and they most certainly aren’t going to be as forgiving. Shelling out more cash for a better quality tissue will have your nose thanking you later. The cheap stuff isn’t as gentle and will only cause more irritation and redness. Look for a thick tissue that also has lotion or moisturizer infused in them. Those types of tissues will be much kinder on your fragile nose.

Maintain Hydration
With the flu or a cold, our bodies get dehydrated. Dehydrated skin lacks the moisture it needs to stay healthy and look its best. This is partly why we look so dull and pale when we feel under the weather. Drink plenty of fluids when you’re battling a cold. Another way you can help skin is by moisturizing morning and night with a rich, hydrating cream. An added plus is that a moisturizer will help create a bit of a barrier for your nose, helping it to feel less bothersome every time you reach for another tissue. Pick up a bottle of rose water to keep in your bag for an added spritz throughout the day. It will keep moisture in skin and it also acts as an anti-inflammatory. It isn’t just our skin that needs care when we’re feeling down. Other parts of our face need care as well. You might find that your lips get chapped when you’re sick. If this happens, take a warm, wet face cloth and use it to wipe off any dead, peeling skin on the surface. After, apply a mega-conditioning lip balm.

Relieve Irritated Eyes
When we don’t feel our best, it cuts into our beauty sleep making it that much harder to recover. It also doesn’t help that when our body is tired, it shows. Part of being sick is having a need to find relief for swollen, puffy, bloodshot eyes. The pressure we feel from congestion only makes us want to crawl home to bed faster. To make sleeping a little easier, prop your head up on a pillow. This will make fluids drain away from your face and eyes preventing puffy peepers in the morning. Get rid of under eye bags that won’t go away by placing cold, wet teabags on them. Now you have an excuse to sit back and relax for 15 minutes. If an eye cream is part of your skin-care routine, stick it in the refrigerator for chilly refreshment, which will provide relief for puffy eyes. If they’re looking a little bloodshot, add in eye drops to help lubricate them. Use makeup to help give the illusion that you are well-rested and not suffering from a cold by dabbing on a shimmery beige eye shadow or a creamy gold eye shadow on lids and in the corner of eyes to brighten them up a bit.

Use Primers
Before you put on any makeup, start off by applying a primer. Do this for your face, lips, and eyes. Not only will it make all of your makeup stay in place all day, but it will give skin added protection. We all know it’s impossible to avoid blowing your nose or rubbing your eyes when sick. To hide a red nose, use an opaque concealed that is yellow-based. For foundation, use a mineral foundation after applying a moisturizer, which will work better with skin. If you try using a traditional foundation or powder, it will look cakey when applied to dehydrated skin. Create warm tones using a bronzer. This will restore the healthy glow your skin lacks when you’re feeling a little green. With a little help from makeup, rest, and skin care techniques, you’ll be looking like your healthy self in no time.

This article was written by Emily Williams on behalf of DorMauri.com.

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