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Whether you are building your home from the ground up or merely replacing some necessary elements, maybe it’s time to take a cold hard look at the most important part; the front door. In fact, why not think about a little about the doors to your house. If you are thinking of just picking up the first wooden door they give you at the local hardware store, think again. This first look at your home gives an impression of the type of people who live just inside.

There are many different types of doors on the market today.  It all depends on the type of decoration you are hoping to complete with this last touch. The types are broke down into 7 important, if not overlapping, categories that are as follows: Sliding, Wooden, Safety, French, Decorative, Steel, and Iron.

1. Sliding door
If you are leaning towards beauty over security or simply replacing a door other than the main entrance, you would probably be best suited with the sliding door. These glass doors allow the wonderful sunshine to enter you hearth and warm your home. They function by pushing to the side and usually have a less secure lock which makes them ideal for your patio or balcony, but you might look a little silly with one as the main entry point to you abode

2. Wooden Doors
For a more classic look with basic, yet colorful, options, the wooden door would best suit your needs. These doors range from many types of woods, colors, and finishes. Though there are many different wooden doors, they can often be put into two categories to make buying easier. While some homeowners prefer the option of a unique shine and wonderful color, the other option of the basic finish can still look nice and simple. Wooden doors often last around 30 years, but they have a few downsides. If you are too haste in your purchase, you may find yourself with a costly door that you have no desire to walk through.  Make sure to thoroughly check your new addition for a proper finish and add a few locks because although a nice finale to your home makeover, the security from invasion of both termites and home invaders can change drastically without careful manufacturing.

3. Safety Doors
If your spouse tells you beauty is better than security, you don’t always have to forfeit one for the other. Some choices to keep you off the couch are the decorative glass and French doors.  Both sets of doors have sturdy frames and wonderful glass decoration to keep the housing committee jealous and your partner pleased.

4.French Doors
The French doors almost always come in doubles and often have a few good hints of decoration. They are a regal look for any estate and provide a good sense of class without losing the comfort you get in bed knowing your door in sturdy and safe.

Decorative doors are commonly made of glass. If you are really trying to show the neighbors how happy you are, you can always leave the glass unfrosted and offer them some insight into how wonderful it is to live in such a beautifully adorned home. Frosted or no, the double paned glass can easily be decorated with floral or graphic designs to add some individuality to your castle.

5.Steel/Iron Doors
For homes with kids or grand pianos to protect, you have the safety, iron, and steel doors to consider. The safety doors are mostly the second door you add in addition to the wooden or sliding door to add some metal protection to your home. These external doors aren’t always pretty, but they are functional. For long wear no matter the weather and ultimate security, you have the option of the steel door. These heavy duty doors keep you high and dry from burglars and bad weather. Lastly, we have the iron door. These mostly French designed doors allow you to add creativity through many frame décor options and glass panels without compromising your treasures.

With so many options in both security and décor, it’s easy to forget what a front door’s main function is. When entering your home, it’s understandable to want to impress, but there is always a way to balance suave with safe. This bit of decoration is the focal point of your house’s design, so show off. Make coming home fun again!

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