Lucky 7 Gardening And Landscaping Apps

Part of the reason so many people enjoy home landscaping projects is because there is a sense of fulfillment and tranquility that comes with getting knee-deep in the greenery surrounding one’s home. But that isn’t to say modern technology can’t help facilitate this process. Indeed, the mobile revolution — and the millions of apps that followed — help to make all forms of information ever more accessible. And this includes tips and tricks regarding home landscaping.

With that in mind, here are some of the top mobile apps for those green-thumbers with an iPhone or iPad.

MyGardenApp — free
This mobile app has been released by the still-young website the strength of this app lies in its ability to put tips from actual gardeners throughout the world in the palm of a person’s hand. Not only that, but MyGardenApp allows the user to create and customize a garden profile that will perdiocally update the user with a task list. This way, avid gardeners always know what needs to be watered and when.

Organic Gardening Planting Planner – free
Another planning option, this app provides detailed info and dates to the user about when to plant items in his or her specific area. It also provides recommendations about which plants are likely to thrive in said area and which ones the user should forgo. On top of that, many little details are also available, such as where exactly to sow seeds.

Gardening How To — free
The magazine of the same name has been a trusted resource for gardeners of all stripes for many years. This app takes all the authoritative landscaping-related content on offer by the periodical and presents it digitally via smartphone or tablet. The app contains more how-to guides, videos, forum postings, interactive maps and tips & tricks than one person could ever hope to utilize — and the free price tag is certainly a better deal than actually purchasing the magazine.

Garden Tracker — $0.99
Few things are more handy to the recreational landscaper – technologically speaking – than a good garden-tracking system. Garden Tracker features an easy-to-use, grid-based layout in which users can select from preloaded produce images in order to replicate their home garden in the app. Using this method, gardeners can stay abreast of what’s growing in that back garden.

Eden Garden Designer — $1.99
This app provides a visual aid to those in the planning process of their landscaping project. Eden Garden Designer features built-in templates in which to create a landscaping masterpiece. Also, it allows for users to submit a photo of the exterior of their home and drag-and-drop various images of plants and other items into the scene.

Flowerpedia — $4.99
Those with a passion for all things flora would do well to download this app. Even newcomers to the world of flowers should enjoy this offering as it delivers info in layman’s terms. This app is ideal for anyone who has ever been strolling along, spotted a flower and desperately wanted to know its name.

Dirr’s Tree and Shrub Finder — $14.99
This option is geared more towards professionals who often work on landscaping projects of a larger scale. The app is a database adapted from Dirr’s famous reference volumes for gardeners and landscapers, and it is not lacking in info. Users can filter searches by 72 categories and look up information on everything from orchids to moss to vines.

These are just a few options for amateur gardening enthusiasts as well as professional landscapers. With just one or two of these apps loaded into an iPhone or iPad, the user should never be at a loss for how best to tend their garden.

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