Maintain Your Winter Garden, Ready For The Spring Blossom

Winter is making its presence known soon, as we all prepare for winter by wrapping up warm, it’s time to take care of your garden too. Just because you have put the lawn mower away for the next couple of months it does not mean you can’t still tinker with your garden. Although you may have been looking forward to downing the mower and the spade in favour of a warm fire and a cuppa, neglecting your garden over winter will only mean you’ll have more work to do in spring, so it’s time to get your garden prepared. It’s not all bad though, keeping your garden sprouting in winter means you get outside in that crisp winter air and you get some exercise, which will be just what you need after all that Christmas dinner!

Clean up

The first thing to do is to clean up your summer garden, compost any leaf litter and weeds that are still in your flower beds. Remove all vegetables from the compost area that have stopped growing now so you can make room for some lovely winter root vegetables.


This is the time of year to give your lawn a bit of a rest, things like mowing and fertilising should be kept to a very minimum, as this can damage you lawn. If the grass needs a cut, trim it rather than running the lawn mower over it, you should only be taking the top bit of the lawn off, so approximately a third of its length. If you over feed your lawn in winter it may go into a premature growth that can’t withstand the cold, and could kill it off completely.

Vegetable patch

This is the perfect time to get your winter vegetable patch ready for all those lovely homemade soups. Seasonal vegetables like, kale, winter lettuce, broad beans and asparagus are a good choice for this time of year. To ensure they do not get beaten by the cold protect your vegetables with a blanket of mulch. The mulch will protect the root from being damaged from the cold temperatures.


In the winter months an obvious option would be to grow your plants inside during the winter, if you don’t wish to bring everything inside it might be worth thinking about getting a greenhouse or a cold frame to store them in. If you want to maintain a bit of colour in your garden over winter you could grow your plants in containers or raised flower beds that way you can control the temperature a bit better, the moisture will provide a better soil for them to survive throughout the cold months. If you want to get planting some bulbs then lilies, daffodils and tulips are normally good at this time of year and will bloom towards the end of winter so at least you won’t have an empty garden to start in spring.

Keep Watering

Watering your plants regularly in winter can be an effective way to reduce the damage winter will have on your garden. Roots of plants are still active in winter, particularly if you have planted new winter bulbs ready for spring, so they will absorb and store any moisture they get in order to replace the water that gets lost during the winter months. Even when the leaves and flowers start to drop on your tree’s it’s essential you keep watering them, this will keep the water in the ground and help maintain the warmth for a greater time, which may help them survive winter better. Keep watering up until the first proper freeze.

Happy gardening!

This post was written by Emily Lockey on behalf of 1 Grass Limited, the astro turf specialists.

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