Maintaining Concrete Surfaces With A Street Sweeper

There is a constant demand for mechanical street sweepers. Some demand is from municipal governments who maintain 50 or more vehicles for everyday use around cities. Private companies also use the machines for maintaining large indoor spaces. The market for the vehicles is over $220 million annually. The vehicles are available in the form of large trucks designed for outdoor use on the roads or as smaller handheld units commonly seen in airports and industrial facilities. Mechanical sweepers are often used to help maintain concrete. They provide a number of benefits for concrete floors and surfaces when used correctly.

Remove Debris
The primary purpose of a mechanical sweeper is to remove debris and particulate matter from the ground. This is especially important on concrete surfaces. Larger pieces of debris or dislodged aggregate can be easily ground down into the surface of the floor because of normal foot traffic or vehicles. This causes pitting and dusting that will slowly reduce the integrity of the normally strong surface. The small pits will grow over time sometimes causing cracks in the surface or an entryway for moisture and pests to the area below the concrete. Mechanical sweeping on a regular basis will prevent serious damage from accumulated debris.

A street sweeper does not deal directly with moisture in most cases. It does help to control and distribute any existing moisture so that it does not pool and cause surface distortions in the concrete over time. This is a very valuable feature when dealing with fully or partially exposed concrete in cold weather. Large amounts of water on the surface of the concrete could find a way into small and almost unnoticeable imperfections in the surface. Freezing temperatures cause the water to expand and could destroy the floor. This sometimes happens slowly over the course of several years causing heaves. Regular sweeping will mitigate some of this risk.

Prevent Staining
Concrete floors are highly resistant to staining. There are still situations where a dried liquid, chemical or other item will slowly discolor the concrete if not dealt with in a timely fashion. A mechanical sweeper with the right brooms has the power to remove any problematic agents that have started to adhere to the surface. The brooms will slowly remove the substance over one or more passes. This will prevent serious staining that might require extensive refinishing to remove completely.

Maintain Finishes
There are many different types of concrete finishes. Some surfaces are left untreated while others are polished to a high gloss. There are tints even textured patterns available. Some polished finishes and lightly textured floors will benefit greatly from regular treatments with a mechanical sweeper. The combination of the water released to control dust and good brushes will maintain a clean and even surface texture. The brushes sometimes act as buffers for certain finishes restoring shine. Lightly treated or untreated concrete floors can have a very thin layer of loose material removed from the surface by the brushes. This reveals a cleaner and more durable surface on older interior and exterior floors.

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