Maintaining Your Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin pieces of porcelain attached to real teeth with a very thin layer of cement. People that have stained, chipped or unevenly spaced teeth apply veneers in order to improve their appearance. A dentist can apply veneers to teeth and they last about 10 to 15 years with good care.

Good dental hygiene is essential in the maintenance of dental veneers. Using the right kind of brush and the correct toothpaste is crucial to keep them shiny and white. Veneers are easily scratched by abrasive toothpaste that has granular elements or contain baking soda. Never use whitening toothpaste because most are granular in nature and may contain bleach or peroxide, which dulls veneers. Gel-type toothpaste is best for brushing veneers along with a soft toothbrush that has bristles that are easily bent. Brush veneers at least two times a day for best results.

Flossing is another part of veneer maintenance that is very important. Gums that are not exercised by regular flossing tend to swell and recede. Recession of gums reveals the ragged edges of the veneers and can cause damage. It is best to floss teeth at least one time per day to keep the gums in perfect shape.

Dental veneers are held in place by a very thin layer of bonding cement, which can chip or break with the application of force. Therefore, chew or bite down on hard foods, like nuts and hard candy very carefully and avoid chewing on ice.

Those that participate in sporting events need to wear tooth guard protection when playing. This will protect the veneers from any trauma caused by being hit with a ball or other sporting apparatus. People who grind or clench their teeth at night should have their dentist provide them with a night guard to protect veneers. These are plastic inserts that prevent the upper and lower teeth from coming in contact with each other while sleeping.

Other Issues
People that have veneers should never use their teeth to open packages or other items. Biting down on hard plastic can break a veneer as can biting a piece of paper wrapper and twisting it Even biting fingernails can do damage to veneers. Avoid biting on pencils or the caps of writing pens. Coffee, tea and red wine should not discolor veneers in most cases. If they do, a quick rinse with regular water or mouthwash should keep them shiny and bright.

Check Ups
Regular checking of the veneers, done by a dentist, is a good way to keep them healthy. The teeth might be covered, but there is still a chance food and plaque can cause cavities in the tooth underneath. It is very important to keep teeth healthy in order to maintain the veneers. A visit every 3 to 4 months should do a great deal in keeping the veneers clean and healthy and a professional can give veneers a boost by cleaning them from two to four times a year.

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