Maintaining Your Outdoor Play Equipment in the Autumn Months

Playground equipment can get dirty, broken and rusty during the autumn months due to harsh weather conditions. The continued wear and tear on the equipment not only makes it look unsightly but can also make the items less safe for children. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to maintain the playground equipment in the autumn months.

Maintaining Your Outdoor Play Equipment in the Autumn Months

Organisation and Tools

It is important to collect together and arrange all your tools that will be used to repair and maintain the playground items. Try to get a good torch, WD40, mulch, polyurethane and some brushes. It is also useful to have some s-hook pliers and wrenches. This is to make sure the bolts of equipment are fully tightened. It is also a good idea to have lots of paper towels on hand for cleaning up after you have finished.

Performing Inspections

The best way to ensure a clean and safe playground is to inspect the equipment regularly. It is much easier to deal with small issues as they arise rather than have to handle lots of larger issues at once. Examine plastic and metal parts, make sure to tighten bolts and remember to apply mulch and rake the play areas.

Maintaining Your Outdoor Play Equipment in the Autumn Months

Check the wood climbing frame for any splinters or broken areas. These types of climbing frames, such as those available from, need regular maintenance to keep them looking and performing at their best throughout the year.

Cleaning and Preparing for Next Year

The autumn is a good time to prepare the playground for winter. Treat the joints of equipment with WD40 to keep the hinges turning smoothly. This also reduces risks of rusting. It is also an idea to keep trees from encroaching on the playground and try to keep branches back to at least six feet away from equipment. It is also vital to ensure playground equipment is still sturdy enough to cope with heavier children, considering one in three children are now classed as overweight.

Also make sure you check any swings and ensure there is enough clearance. Use a torch to check for signs of animal activity near the items or inside shelters in the playground. You can also use polyurethane on the equipment at the end of the inspection to protect it against the weather and ensure it looks like new after winter.