Make It Your New Year’s Resolution To Work In Recruitment

Many of us made a new year’s resolutions to pursue a new career this year. Whatever your reasons are to change your career, why not consider a career in recruitment? Recruitment is often a career that a lot of people over look. Think about it, how many of us remember that there are actually people working to help employ people? It’s something a lot of us forget about. But there are lots of benefits including promotional opportunities and a healthy salary, plus bonuses.

The Basics
There are lots of different kinds of recruitment agencies such as recruitment to recruitment, and some specialise in certain industries, but the basic idea of the job is you will be matching candidates to jobs. It’s a sociable job and you will spend a lot of time on the phone and meeting with candidates and clients.

The Benefits
This is a great career choice for you if you enjoy meeting lots of new people. In the current climate people are struggling to find a job and it can be rewarding when you help them secure the job they have been searching for for so long. You will also build strong relationships with your clients that can last years.

Recruitment is a competitive industry but the rewards are great if you thrive in your work. Promotion is always available in post companies and you will find if you are willing to put the time in it won’t be long before you have reached the top. There is also usually a lot of opportunities to double your salary with bonuses. You will receive bonuses by reaching targets, recruitment companies are usually very target driven.

The Negative’s
In recruitment you can’t expect to work typical 9-5 hours. If you want to succeed in this industry you have to be willing to put in extra hours and do unpaid overtime in order to meet your targets.

Although there are no qualification requirements needed to enter into recruitment, it is a popular choice amongst university graduates as it is a job they can walk straight into after university. You should find most companies will provide training when you start.  In order to succeed in recruitment you must be ambitious, hard working, be able to sell and enjoy working and talking to lots of people. You must also be able to accept rejection as you will be expected to sell your services to companies that often will be very blunt in telling you they are not interested.

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