Make Your Oven The Centrepiece Of Your New Kitchen

If you’ve decided to fit a new kitchen this year, why not pick an oven that really makes a statement of intent as the centrepiece?

This blog looks at the reasons why a nice oven really works is the focal point of your new kitchen unit.

Why Should You Make An Oven The Centrepiece?

To put it simply, it deserves to be. Whether you opt for a colossal range unit like the Rangemaster Toledo or a Zanussi single oven, the kitchen can be considered as ‘engine’ of the house, powering the family unit for the day ahead – a nice oven acts as the driving force behind it all.

Cooking Good

But before you go out and buy that Rangemaster Toledo or Cannon dual-fuel range offering, you should ask yourself what kind of cooking you are going to be doing.

These ovens are great for cooking up a storm like the best of them, but if your cooking repertoire only extends to beans on toast and various pot noodle offerings, you may find guests pondering why you opted for a range oven – as opposed to a microwave oven.

Cooking ability aside, you will obviously need to consider your power source too.

If you have live in an electricity only property, a gas oven will sadly be off the menu – despite them typically being the home cooks preferred weapon of choice.

It’s A Bit Crowded In Here

As well as considering your cooking ability and power sources, you really need to consider the size of your kitchen. Whilst a stonking great bit of kit such as the Rangemaster Toledo might be at the top of your wish list, if it fills the entire kitchen then I’m afraid it will have to remain just that, a wish.

Better to opt for a small to medium option that offers similar advantages to the range oven, but without the size.

Style – Cook It Like It’s Hot

Finally, you want an oven that stands out in your kitchen for all the right reasons, so after splashing the cash on a new kitchen, you don’t then want to opt for an oven which doesn’t do the set up justice.

Whether you opt for a built in unit or a standalone option is up to you, as ultimately you will have a vision in mind when buying the kitchen and your new oven.

Whether you opt for a modern design or an old but gold design like one of Aga’s offerings, is up to you.

So, if you plump for a range oven like the Rangemaster Toledo or Cannon’s various offering, or simply opt for a smaller single unit – one thing is certain, making the oven the centrepiece of your kitchen will really make a difference.

Louisa Jenkins is an interior design expert who specialises in offering advice to people looking to improve their kitchen; whether that be through the use of a Rangemaster Toledo as a centrepiece to the set up, or a stunning kitchen table to complement the fixture – she has advice for everyone.

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