Make Your Vacation In Abu Dhabi Truly Meaningful by Gorging On These Yummy Cakes

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of United Arab Emirates is on the wish list of every traveller due to iconic architecture, mouth-watering cuisines and posh life style of its people. Any visitor would be simply mesmerised by the wonderful beauty of this place due to marvellous architectures like Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld and other such wonders. After spending the day roaming around this amazing city, you can offer mouth-watering cakes to your taste buds for a fulfilling journey. Here is your guide to some of the exceptional cakes of this global city.

Date Cake- The Arab people are in love with two things mainly which are dates and camels. If you are unable to enjoy a camel ride or possess this valuable animal, you can still feel lucky by gorging down on these yummy date cakes. They are one of the best cakes in Abu Dhabi due to their distinct taste and flavour. The cake is dense, moist sponge, rich and is balanced with the right sugary taste which is offered by the yummy caramel sauce. The delicious touch of decadence which is complemented by an optional dollop of vanilla ice cream that makes it even more tempting for your taste buds.

Make Your Vacation In Abu Dhabi Truly Meaningful by Gorging On These Yummy Cakes

Pistachio Vanilla Sponge Cake- If you are looking for some of the delicious and mouth-watering desserts, you need to head towards the Shakespeare & Co bakery in Abu Dhabi. This delicious dessert is one of the most popular cakes in Abu Dhabi which is served in a mint green pot. The combination of delicate vanilla and nut concoctions floats in the wonderful moat of raspberry jam. It is also filled with the fresh layer of cream that can offer you an unforgettable taste with its extraordinary combination of flavours.

Baked apple Cake- Delight your taste buds with this amazing dessert from Germany that is known as baked apple Cake. This yummy fruity concoction is very soft and moist which makes it so much more tempting for any dessert lover. The extraordinary cake is best served in a heated manner along with a generous dollop of vanilla cream.

Lemon meringue pie- The cake is simply unique and extraordinary due to its brilliant taste. It consists of the heavy topping of chewy meringue, gooey lemon core and the thin base of shortcrust pastry that will leave you asking for more. The cake further has a textured and zingy filling that will leave you with an inexplicable taste and feeling. It is counted among the best cakes in Abu Dhabi and can be easily found at Mugg & Bean bakery store in Abu Dhabi.

Chocolate Cake- This moist chocolate sponge cake is divided with a central layer of creamy goo and is a true delight for any dessert lover. You can also get this yummy cake in various designs and shapes that make them all the more interesting and comes with a wonderful sugary icing for its customers.

Visit any famous café, bakery or restaurant in Abu Dhabi and offer a delectable offering to your taste buds in the form of delicious cakes.