Making A Gold Medal CV For Nursing Jobs

Making a Gold Medal CV for Nursing Jobs

To use an Olympic comparison, time invested in an excellent CV for a nursing job is like the time an athlete puts into training for an event. The more time you put into it, the more likely you have a chance of success!

A CV serves the purpose of getting you past the initial screening test and securing an interview. Think of it as an advert for yourself, carefully tailored to the role to show the recruiter that you possess all the skills and experience to do the job. Like the best adverts, the message should be clear and precisely targeted at the audience – don’t be tempted to cram too much into a CV.
The Perfect CV for Nursing Jobs

The perfect CV for a job in nursing has the right balance between giving enough information to show you are suitably qualified, without confusing the employer with too much information. Creating the right impression at this stage will give the recruiter a positive impression, which they will seek to confirm at interview through further discussion of your skills.

Like with any job application and CV, the basics apply – clean, simple font (nothing fancy, size 10 minimum), two sides maximum and check, check, and double check spelling, punctuation and grammar! Further to these fundamentals, the following points will help ensure your nursing CV is perfectly pitched to take you over the line to your ideal nursing job:

  • NMC pin number: This should be at the top of your CV alongside your contact details. Straight away you assure the employer that you are a candidate able to work as a nurse in the UK.
  • Remember you’re a nurse! This may sound daft, but ensure this is first and foremost on your CV. There’s no need to present your CV in order of date of employment, so don’t make the common mistake of putting any previous experience or career ahead of nursing. If you have past career experience that you can draw on to support your application by all means do – highlight any skills gained here, but nursing comes first in the following order:

1. Nursing experience – current job title clear and bold, employer’s details and an outline of responsibilities.

2. Nursing qualification

3. Other supporting work experience/skills (a small detailed section can be useful here, outlining skills and qualities that are relevant to nursing, such as patience, communication, accuracy and teamwork. This detail could work in your favour and be the difference between you and another applicant).

  • Newly qualified nurses: Outline your placement experience alongside your nursing course to demonstrate the skills you have, that make you a strong applicant for the job. Take the desired skills and competencies and outlined in the job description and make sure you outline evidence for all the ones that you possess.
  • Experienced nurses: Achievements in professional development are very important. Draw clear attention to the ones that are relevant to the nursing job you’re applying for at the top of your CV, and outline other CPD further down.

Best of luck with your nursing career!

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