Making A Splash

People have been installing and using water fountains for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations like the Assyrians, Egyptians and Greeks all used fountains as a means of bringing water into populated areas to provide citizens with water from the rivers and springs near cities. Greek fountains were carved from stone and utilized pipes to flow water through a stone-carved face of an animal. Instead of electricity, these early fountains used gravity to provide the flow of water, and some even used the syphon principle to make water spouts.

Ancient Rome’s wealthiest citizens had fountains in their gardens and courtyards, and for those Romans without their own fountain, they had monumental fountains and public basins. These freestanding fountains were fed by aqueducts through pipes buried under the streets, the remains of which can be found all over what was once the Roman Empire. These fountains were a major part of Roman life, and depictions of garden fountains and water spouts on wall paintings and pottery have been uncovered by archeologists working around the ancient city of Pompeii.

Not Just for the Wealthy
Only the wealthiest citizens had a personal water fountain in the days of Pliny the Elder, but in modern times, anyone can afford the beauty and relaxation provided by having a fountain in their garden or home. Modern production techniques and materials produce high quality fountains and a minimal cost, allowing for the purchase of these fountains by anyone who wants to add a little pizazz to their backyards.

Whether it’s a small birdbath or one of the larger pond fountains, you can find the fountain or spout that will best fit your garden and install it for very little money, changing the look of your garden and giving you an attractive and eye catching centerpiece that can greatly improve both the look of your garden and the value of your home. The use of a water fountain has other benefits as well.

One of the greatest aspects of the garden fountain is the relaxation it provides. The sights and sounds of gently cascading water falling into rippling pools can ease away stress and elevate the mood of its users in a natural and healthy way, making the sport near the fountain a favorite seat in your household.

Different Styles for Different Uses
When it comes time to choose a water fountain, there are many different styles and sizes to choose from. Large pond fountains provide an elegant centerpiece to many large outdoor gardens. Pools filled with water with stately spouts of varying styles and sizes highlight and enhance any outdoor garden space, providing its owner with a space that is not only perfect for his or her own enjoyment and relaxation, but is a perfect place for entertaining guests. Those backyard get-togethers and parties will take on a new feeling, as your guests marvel at the beauty and class that a well-designed and integrated fountain provides, creating an oasis that guests will find themselves drawn to time and time again.

For those with different needs or a smaller backyard, a smaller installation for the garden or inside the home is another option. These smaller units, like basin fountains and tabletop fountains, will still give you an attention grabbing and elegant fountain at a size which is well suited for areas where space is at a premium, while still providing that feeling of tranquility and peace everyone wants and needs after a hard day at the office.

When looking for an improvement for the home or an addition to an existing outdoor garden, water fountains quickly give the look of elegance people hope to achieve for money.

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