Making More Head Room For The Garage Door

There are times when you will not have enough head room for your garage door to open, which means you will have to create more head room.  Some popular fixtures that allow you more head room space is the double roller also known as quick close fixtures, quick closing fixtures or rapid flex brackets.  These need to be installed properly, so each section of the door will not be compromised.

Installing the Fixtures to Create More Head Room

-If a garage door opener is installed, you first need to disconnect the drawbar from the opener, which requires removing the clevis pin.

-Unplug the power to the garage door, so no one will open it while you are working.

-if there is a strut, lock the door or place a vise grip above the roller to prevent the door from moving.

-Remove one of the top fixtures, but make sure to hold the track in place.

-Measure the width of the top section.

-Mark the angle from the end using the measurement you just acquired.

-Make the mark on the other side of the door because the pieces will be removed.

-Cut off the piece you just marked.  For the more narrow part use a hacksaw because it is easier.

-If you used a high lift angle, drill a hole on the wide side.

-Hold the angle right below the mark and bend it evenly at a 90 degree angle and then hammer it, so it is tight.

-Test the fit on both sides.

-Use a clamp to hold the angle on the top section and secure it with two drilling teks.

-Measure the strut which should be the width of the door minus seven inches.  Remove what you don’t need.

-Drill in new holes on the end.

-Make a mark that is 3-1/2 inches from the end of the section.

-Put the strut into place and support it in the middle then secure it with a tek.

-Secure the strut to each angle.  Secure the strut at the top angle too.

-Put the longer angle at the end stile.

-Secure the shorter angle a quarter inch from the other angle.

-Install two rollers on the first and third rollers and place them in the track.  Make sure the lower part of the bracket is plumb and flush with the angle at the top.

-Secure the base of the top fixture and then test the height by seeing if the top section is tight against the header.  Secure it with three more teks, and then repeat the same process on the other side of the door.

-Test the door.

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