Material Lifting Equipment Adds To Productivity

Material Lifting Equipment

Any well-equipped warehouse needs a variety of different material lifting equipment. For smooth operation of the entire facility as well as the safety of the employees, the right type of materials handling equipment must be available. Read on below for some examples of equipment that is available to make handling a range of material a smooth process.

Restraints for Vehicles

From a safety point of view, these are some of the most important tools when it comes to ensuring material is handled correctly. Wheel chocks, trailer restraints and wheel restraints are all designed to stop a vehicle from moving away from the loading dock unexpectedly, reducing the possibility of injury or loss of product.

Dock Accessories

Loading dock accessories also help ensure that materials are loaded and unloaded in a safe and efficient manner. Dock bridges and edge of dock levelers are permanently attached to the concrete floor of the warehouse. This gives the tools the added stability employees need to increase their production without compromising safety. Dock lights that are rugged and flexible are the ideal illumination tool for loading and unloading dark trailers.

Specialized Handling Equipment

Pallet stackers and pallet jacks allow material handlers to move product safely to and from trucks in an efficient manner. Pallet jacks make moving pallets short distances quick and easy. Pallet stackers are available as pedestrian stackers for short moves and stand-on stackers or seated stackers for longer distances.

Scissor Lifts

For the ideal positioning of products and materials for greater work productivity, a variety of lifts are available. Scissors lifts are a versatile solution to transporting products or moving them into positions of stability so increased productivity can be realized. Often used when pallets need to be positioned precisely, scissor lifts help reduce the potential for injuries.

Waste Handlers

Being able to handle their waste efficiently is crucial in the industrial warehouse. Compactors and balers allow that waste to take up a minimal amount of space as well as ensure it conforms to the standards that are required in order for it to be disposed of correctly.

Storage Systems

Warehouse space is often at a premium. This can make it seem difficult to find enough space in which to store materials. By using mezzanines, storage shelving and pallet racking, however, space that was previously unused is put to good use as a means to effectively store product. Even office space can be mounted on top of a mezzanine to provide more room for the employees to complete their jobs.

Transporting Mechanisms

A variety of different products allow the transportation of material from one level of the warehouse to another, or from storage mezzanine to loading dock, using minimal effort and manpower. Vertical conveyors enable materials to be moved to and from a variety of locations, depending on the needs of the warehouse. Ramps allow for the easy loading of trucks when there are no loading docks available.

Talking to a material handling sales expert will enable a company to obtain the resources they need to handle their products effectively and safely while maximizing productivity. This is possible by choosing the right material handling equipment to suit the needs of that particular company.

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